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Family of Frederick MARTIN and Catherine Eugenia EASTWOOD

Husband: Frederick MARTIN (1873-1922)
Wife: Catherine Eugenia EASTWOOD (1872-1933)
Children: Ellen Louisa MARTIN (1893-1960)
George Edwin MARTIN (1894-1977)
William Frederick MARTIN (1897-1970)
Harry MARTIN (1899-1973)
Frederick Thomas MARTIN (1901-1971)
Frances Naomi MARTIN (1903-1994)
Mable Rose MARTIN (1905-1938)
Edwin Spencer MARTIN (1908-1949)
Doris Edith Mary MARTIN (1910-1929)
Thomas H MARTIN (1914-1927)
Marriage 28 Jan 1893 Hollington, Sussex

Husband: Frederick MARTIN

Name: Frederick MARTIN
Sex: Male
Father: Edwin MARTIN (1848-1904)
Mother: Ann VERRALL (1850-1894)
Birth Jan 1873 Northam Sussex
Occupation Farmworker - Ag Lab & Gas Stoker
Census 1881 (age 8) Hollington, Sussex
Battle Road
Living with parents
Census 1891 (age 17-18) Hollington, Sussex
1 Osborne Cottages
Living with parents
Census 1901 (age 27-28) Hastings Sussex
17 Alma Villas, St Matthew
Living with widfe Louisa and children Ellen, George, William and Harry
Census 1911 (age 37-38) St Leonards on Sea, Sussex
201 Hollington Old Lane
Living with wife and children
Death Jan 1922 (age 48-49) Hollington, Sussex

Wife: Catherine Eugenia EASTWOOD

Name: Catherine Eugenia EASTWOOD
Sex: Female
Father: George RANSOM (1848-1878)
Mother: Caroline EASTWOOD (1851-1927)
Birth 12 Jun 1872 Bexhill, Sussex
No Father named on Birth Certificate
Residence 1931 (age 58-59) Hollington, Sussex
40 Old Lane
Electoral Roll. Living with sons George Edwin and EDwin Spencer
Death Oct 1933 (age 61) Hastings Sussex

Child 1: Ellen Louisa MARTIN

Name: Ellen Louisa MARTIN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles WESTBROOK (1885-1939)
Birth 12 May 1893 Hollington, Sussex
Census 1901 (age 7-8) Hastings Sussex
17 Alma Villas, St Matthew
Census 1939 (age 45-46) Hastings Sussex
40 Old Lane
Death Apr 1960 (age 66) Hastings Sussex

Child 2: George Edwin MARTIN

Name: George Edwin MARTIN
Sex: Male
Birth 3 Jun 1894 Silverhill Sussex
Census 1901 (age 6-7) Hastings Sussex
17 Alma Villas, St Matthew
Census 1911 (age 16-17) Hollington, Sussex
201 Hollington Old Lane
Army Service 1914 (age 19-20) Silverhill Sussex
15 Duke Street
Served in Army during the 1914-18 war
Census 1939 (age 44-45) Battle Sussex
Occupation Gardener
Death Mar 1977 (age 82) Hastings Sussex

Child 3: William Frederick MARTIN

Name: William Frederick MARTIN
Sex: Male
Birth 10 Apr 1897 Silverhill Sussex
Census 1911 (age 13-14) Hollington, Sussex
201 Hollington Old Lane
Death Sep 1970 (age 73) Hastings Sussex

Child 4: Harry MARTIN

Name: Harry MARTIN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Christina Florence L CAREY (1897-1969)
Birth 21 May 1899 Silverhill Sussex
Mother - RANSOM
Occupation Gas Mechanic
Census 1939 (age 39-40) 45 Quebec Road
Death Apr 1973 (age 73) Hastings Sussex

Child 5: Frederick Thomas MARTIN

Name: Frederick Thomas MARTIN
Sex: Male
Birth 23 Jul 1901 Silverhill Sussex
Mother - RANSOM
Death Jun 1971 (age 69) Hastings Sussex

Child 6: Frances Naomi MARTIN

Name: Frances Naomi MARTIN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Shadrach Meshach Abeduego ETHERINGTON (1900-1984)
Birth 13 Sep 1903 Hastings Sussex
Mother - Ransom
Census 1911 (age 7-8) Ewhurst, Sussex
Rapsley lodge
Visiting with her Uncle and Aunt - George Edward and Eliza Mary RANSOM
Census 1939 (age 35-36) Guildford, Surrey
1 Tower Hill Cottages, Gomshall
Living with husband plus 1 redacted and daughter Norma
Death Jan 1994 (age 90) Surrey South Western

Child 7: Mable Rose MARTIN

Name: Mable Rose MARTIN
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1905 Silverhill Sussex
Mother - Ransom
Death Jan 1938 (age 32) Hastings Sussex

Child 8: Edwin Spencer MARTIN


Edwin Spencer MARTIN, 1935, age 27


Spouse: May BONE, c. 1933, age 20

Name: Edwin Spencer MARTIN
Sex: Male
Spouse: May BONE (1913-2001)
Birth 4 Jan 1908 Silverhill Sussex
Mother - Ransom
Census 1911 (age 3) St Leonards on Sea, Sussex
20 Old Lane, Hollington
Living with his parents and siblings
Occupation Gas Fitter
Census 1921 (age 12-13) Hollington, Sussex
40 Hollingdon Old Lane
Living with his parents and siblings
Census 1939 (age 30-31) Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire
Gardeners Cottage, Hoyde Hall
Married. Living alone.
Death Oct 1949 (age 41) Winchester, Hampshire

Child 9: Doris Edith Mary MARTIN

Name: Doris Edith Mary MARTIN
Sex: Female
Spouse: John F MITCHELL ( - )
Birth 1910 Hollington, Sussex
Death Jul 1929 (age 18-19) Tilehurst, Sussex

Child 10: Thomas H MARTIN

Name: Thomas H MARTIN
Sex: Male
Birth 1914 Silverhill Sussex
Death Jul 1927 (age 12-13) Hastings Sussex

Note on Husband: Frederick MARTIN

Whilst there is a marriage registration between Frederick and Catherine E EASTWOOD and birth registrations for thie children are shown as EASTWOOD or RANSOM however the census of 1901 and 1911 show Frederick's wife as Louisa?