Family of John Tan STANHOPE and Kate (STANHOPE)

Husband: John Tan STANHOPE (1865- )
Wife: Kate (STANHOPE) (1864- )
Children: Mabel Ellen STANHOPE (1885-1973)
Lucy A STANHOPE (1893- )
Elsie M STANHOPE (1896- )
Doris STANHOPE (1899- )

Husband: John Tan STANHOPE

Name: John Tan STANHOPE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1865 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Occupation Iron Turner

Wife: Kate (STANHOPE)

Name: Kate (STANHOPE)
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1864 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Child 1: Mabel Ellen STANHOPE

Name: Mabel Ellen STANHOPE
Sex: Female
Spouse: James Henry COX (1881-1958)
Birth 16 Apr 1885 Old Radford, Nottinghamshire
Census 1891 (age 5-6) Brightside Brierlow, Sheffield
3 Princess Street
Living with ife Kate and daughter Mabel
Census 1901 (age 15-16) Brightside Brierlow, Sheffield
352 Savile Street
Living with her Mother Kate and siblings
Residence 1913 (age 27-28) Sheffield, Yorkshire
352 Savile Street
Death Dec 1973 (age 88) Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Child 2: Lucy A STANHOPE

Sex: Female
Birth 1893 Sheffield, Yorkshire

Child 3: Elsie M STANHOPE

Name: Elsie M STANHOPE
Sex: Female
Birth 1896 Sheffield, Yorkshire

Child 4: Doris STANHOPE

Name: Doris STANHOPE
Sex: Female
Birth 1899 Sheffield, Yorkshire