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Family of Robert JOHNSON and Patience CARR

Husband: Robert JOHNSON (1777-1845)
Wife: Patience CARR (1798-1865)
Children: Georgina Mary JOHNSON (1831- )
Marriage 20 Dec 1828 Ford, Northumberland

Husband: Robert JOHNSON

Name: Robert JOHNSON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1777 Northumberland
Death Jan 1845 (age 67-68) Berwick, Northumberland

Wife: Patience CARR

Name: Patience CARR
Sex: Female
Father: John CARR (1748-1829)
Mother: Patience GRAY (c. 1771-1846)
Birth 5 Feb 1798 Ford, Northumberland
Census 1851 (age 52-53) Scremerston, Northumberland
Tea House, Saltpan House
Widow.Brother George visiting.
Census 1861 (age 62-63) Scremerston, Northumberland
Mill House
Widow. Cousin Thomas JOHNSON, Coal Owner, Brewer. aged 39 visiting
Death 17 Aug 1865 (age 67) Berwick, Northumberland
Scremerston Sea House

Child 1: Georgina Mary JOHNSON

Name: Georgina Mary JOHNSON
Sex: Female
Birth Aug 1831 Long Benton, Northumberland