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Family of John CARR and Patience GRAY

Husband: John CARR (1748-1829)
Wife: Patience GRAY (c. 1771-1846)
Children: Mary CARR (1796-1797)
Patience CARR (1798-1865)
John CARR (1799-1866)
Thomas CARR (1801-1816)
Elizabeth CARR (1803-1829)
George CARR (1805-1876)
Mary CARR (1806-1855)
William CARR (1808-1877)
Edward Henry CARR (1810-1880)
Henry CARR (1814-1814)
Marriage 9 Dec 1795 Cornhill, Northumberland

Husband: John CARR

Name: John CARR
Sex: Male
Father: George CARR ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 11 Feb 1748 Hexham, Northumberland
Death 12 Apr 1829 (age 81) Ford, Northumberland

Wife: Patience GRAY

Name: Patience GRAY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1771 Northumberland
Census 1841 (age 69-70) Norham, Durham
New Greenlawalls Farm
Living with sons George & Edward
Death 5 Oct 1846 (age 74-75) Ford, Northumberland

Child 1: Mary CARR

Name: Mary CARR
Sex: Female
Birth Nov 1796 Ford, Northumberland
Death 15 May 1797 (age 0) Ford, Northumberland

Child 2: Patience CARR

Name: Patience CARR
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Thomas HUTCHINSON (1791- )
Spouse 2: Robert JOHNSON (1777-1845)
Birth 5 Feb 1798 Ford, Northumberland
Census 1851 (age 52-53) Scremerston, Northumberland
Tea House, Saltpan House
Widow.Brother George visiting.
Census 1861 (age 62-63) Scremerston, Northumberland
Mill House
Widow. Cousin Thomas JOHNSON, Coal Owner, Brewer. aged 39 visiting
Death 17 Aug 1865 (age 67) Berwick, Northumberland
Scremerston Sea House

Child 3: John CARR

Name: John CARR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane Susannah BARTON (1806-1869)
Birth 14 Oct 1799 Ford, Northumberland
Census 1841 (age 41-42) Gosforth, Northumberland
Living with wife Jane and daughter Margaretta. John GREY aged 50 also in residence.
Census 1851 (age 51-52) Coxlodge, Northumberland
Married. Living with son John and daughter Margaretta J
Occupation Magistrate & Alderman in Newcastle upon Tyne and Coal Owner
Census 1861 (age 61-62) Coxlodge, Northumberland
Coal Owner. Living with wife Jane.
Death 5 Nov 1866 (age 67) Gosforth, Northumberland
Proved by son John

Child 4: Thomas CARR

Name: Thomas CARR
Sex: Male
Birth 9 Sep 1801 Ford, Northumberland
Death 9 Jul 1816 (age 14) Ford, Northumberland

Child 5: Elizabeth CARR

Name: Elizabeth CARR
Sex: Female
Birth 1 Jun 1803 Ford, Northumberland
Death 31 May 1829 (age 25) Ford, Northumberland

Child 6: George CARR

Name: George CARR
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Feb 1805 Ford, Northumberland
Occupation Farmer
Census 1851 (age 45-46) Scremerston, Northumberland
Tea House, Saltpan House
Visiting sister Patience. Occupation - Timber & Manure Merchant. Brewer and Tile Maker
Death 31 Oct 1876 (age 71) Norham, Durham
New Greenlawalls Farm

Child 7: Mary CARR

Name: Mary CARR
Sex: Female
Spouse: Martin MORRISON (1803-1872)
Birth 11 Sep 1806 Ford, Northumberland
Census 1851 (age 44-45) St Woolas, Monmouthshire
6 Victoria Place
Living with husband and children
Death Oct 1855 (age 49) Berwick, Northumberland

Child 8: William CARR

Name: William CARR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Georgiana REED (1819-1882)
Birth 23 May 1808 Ford, Northumberland
Census 1851 (age 42-43) Kidbrooke, Kent
Blackheath Street
Living with wife Georgiana in home of his parents in law
Census 1861 (age 52-53) Hadlow, Kent
Living with wife Georgiana and daughter Dora
Census 1871 (age 62-63) Hadlow, Kent
Little Park Lodge
Living with wife Georgiana
Occupation Landowner & Farmer
Death 11 Dec 1877 (age 69) Brighton, Sussex
Dene Park
Probate to widow Georgiana

Child 9: Edward Henry CARR

Name: Edward Henry CARR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eleanor Henrietta CARROLL (1821-1902)
Birth 25 Aug 1810 Ford, Northumberland
Occupation Clergyman
Census 1851 (age 40-41) Millbrook, Bedfordshire
Living with wife Eleanor
Death 10 Apr 1880 (age 69) Bidborough, Kent
Probate to widow Eleanor and John CARR, Timber Merchant his nephew

Child 10: Henry CARR

Name: Henry CARR
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1814 Ford, Northumberland
Death 7 Mar 1814 (age 0) Ford, Northumberland

Note on Husband: John CARR

Information from a member of the CARR family infom me that the CARR family were Coal Mine owners in the North east of England. Unfortiantely they owned the Hartley Pit which suffered a disater in 1862 when 204 miners were klled. This did lead to improvement in mining safety.

Note on Wife: Patience GRAY

Contact with a member of the CARR family has informed me that Patience GREY is thought to be the grandaughter of Earl GREY of tea fame