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Family of Alfred G PALMER and Olive PHILLIS

Husband: Alfred G PALMER (1893- )
Wife: Olive PHILLIS (1897-1967)
Children: Dennis G PALMER (1924- )
Pauline PALMER (1930- )
Marriage Jan 1922 Marlborough; Wiltshire

Husband: Alfred G PALMER

Name: Alfred G PALMER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 22 Dec 1893
Occupation Electric Plant Manager

Wife: Olive PHILLIS

Name: Olive PHILLIS
Sex: Female
Father: Lloyd PHILLIS (1862-1929)
Mother: Amy PRIOR (1870-1946)
Birth 20 Nov 1897 Cliddesden, Hampshire
Census 1901 (age 3-4) Basing, Hampshire
Crown Lane. Old basing
Living with Gradfather James PRIOR
Census 1939 (age 41-42) Marlborough; Wiltshire
35 Manton Downs
Living with husband & children
Death Apr 1967 (age 69) Marlborough; Wiltshire

Child 1: Dennis G PALMER

Name: Dennis G PALMER
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1924 Marlborough; Wiltshire

Child 2: Pauline PALMER

Name: Pauline PALMER
Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1930 Marlborough; Wiltshire