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Family of Rodney PHILLIS and Elaine Rose GRUNDRY

Husband: Rodney PHILLIS (1909-1955)
Wife: Elaine Rose GRUNDRY (1916-1987)
Marriage Jul 1935 Kingsclere, Berkshire

Husband: Rodney PHILLIS

Name: Rodney PHILLIS
Sex: Male
Father: Lloyd PHILLIS (1862-1929)
Mother: Amy PRIOR (1870-1946)
Birth Jan 1909 Cliddesden, Hampshire
Death Jan 1955 (age 45-46) Reading, Berkshire

Wife: Elaine Rose GRUNDRY

Name: Elaine Rose GRUNDRY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 21 Sep 1916 Kingsclere, Berkshire
Death Dec 1987 (age 71) Reading, Berkshire