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Family of Francis OMMANNEY and Julia Henrietta METCALFE

Husband: Francis OMMANNEY (1809-1899)
Wife: Julia Henrietta METCALFE (1815-1893)
Children: Alice Mary OMMANNEY (1844- )
Cranstoun Erasmus OMMANNEY (1848-1882)
Julia OMMANNEY (1850- )
Ernest OMMANNEY (1851- )
Charles H OMMANNEY (1853- )
Arthur Ross OMMANNEY (1854- )
Christiana Constance OMMANNEY (1857-1894)
Marriage 25 Mar 1837 St Pancras, Middlesex

Husband: Francis OMMANNEY

Name: Francis OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Father: Sir Francis Molyneux OMMANNEY (1774-1840)
Mother: Georgiana Frances HAWKES (1776-1854)
Birth Oct 1809 Mortlake, Surrey
Birth Oct 1809 Mortlake, Surrey
Birth 1810 Mortlake, Surrey
Occupation Solicitor
Census 1861 (age 51-52) Clutton, Somerset
High Filed, Chew Magna
Visiting in house of Conway & Louisa ROSE
Census 1891 (age 81-82) Cuddington, Surrey
York House, The Avenue
Living with wife Julia and grandchildren Edith OMMANNEY & Annie DYER
Death 13 Jan 1899 (age 89) Worcester Park, Surrey
York House
of 3 Great Winchester Street, London. Probate to Francis Metcalke OMMANNEY

Wife: Julia Henrietta METCALFE

Name: Julia Henrietta METCALFE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1815 Bloomsbury, Middlesex
Birth Oct 1815 Bloomsbury, Middlesex
Census 1861 (age 45-46) Tooting, London
Mitcham Road
Living with children Julia, Charles, Arthur
Death Jul 1893 (age 77-78) Cuddington, Surrey

Child 1: Alice Mary OMMANNEY

Name: Alice Mary OMMANNEY
Sex: Female
Birth 1844 Mortlake, Surrey

Child 2: Cranstoun Erasmus OMMANNEY

Name: Cranstoun Erasmus OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ethel Ann Dyke MARSHALL (1857-1933)
Birth 23 Jun 1848 East Sheen, Surrey
Census 1861 (age 12-13) Tooting, London
Mitcham Road
Living with Mother and siblings
Occupation Superintendant of Polce in C.S.S.S.
Death 2 Sep 1882 (age 34) Singapore, Malay Peninsular
Probate to Montagu Frederick OMMANNEY and Charles Henry OMMANNEY

Child 3: Julia OMMANNEY

Name: Julia OMMANNEY
Sex: Female
Birth 1850 Middlesex, london

Child 4: Ernest OMMANNEY

Name: Ernest OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Birth 1851 Mortlake, Surrey
East Sheen
Living with wife Julia and children Alice, Cranstoun, and Ernest

Child 5: Charles H OMMANNEY

Name: Charles H OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Birth 1853 Mortlake, Surrey
Occupation Solicitor

Child 6: Arthur Ross OMMANNEY

Name: Arthur Ross OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Birth 14 May 1854 Clapham, London

Child 7: Christiana Constance OMMANNEY

Name: Christiana Constance OMMANNEY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas Seward BEACHCROFT (1849-1912)
Birth Apr 1857 Tooting, London
Baptism 18 Apr 1857 (age 0) Upper Tooting, Surrey
Holy Trinity
Census 1861 (age 3-4) Tooting, Surrey
Mitcham Road
Living with Mother and siblings
Census 1871 (age 13-14) Putney, Surrey
Platt House, Gardiners Lane
Living with parents Francis & Julia
Census 1881 (age 23-24) Cuddington, Surrey
Living with parents
Death Apr 1894 (age 36-37) Farnham, Surrey