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Family of Sir Francis Molyneux OMMANNEY and Georgiana Frances HAWKES

Husband: Sir Francis Molyneux OMMANNEY (1774-1840)
Wife: Georgiana Frances HAWKES (1776-1854)
Children: Frances Georgiana OMMANNEY (1802-1881)
Elizabeth Acworth OMMANNEY (1804-1885)
Frederick Woods OMMANNEY (1805-1834)
Edward Aislabie OMMANNEY (1806-1884)
Walter Stirling OMMANNEY (1808-1866)
Francis OMMANNEY (1809-1899)
John Orden OMMANNEY (1810-1846)
Manaton Collingwood OMMANNEY (1813-1857)
Erasmus OMMANNEY (1814-1904)
Agnes OMMANNEY (1815-1907)
Octavious OMMANNEY (1816-1901)
George Druce Wynne OMMANNEY (1819-1902)
Marriage 16 Oct 1801 St Clement Danes Middlesex

Husband: Sir Francis Molyneux OMMANNEY

Name: Sir Francis Molyneux OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Father: Cornthwaite OMMANNEY (1736-1801)
Mother: Martha MANATON ( - )
Birth 4 Oct 1774
Occupation Navy Agent & MP for Barnstaple
Awards 17 May 1820 (age 45) Carlton House, London
Knight Batchelor
Death Oct 1840 (age 65-66) Strand, Middlesex
Norfolk Street
Burial 13 Nov 1840 Mortlake, Surrey
St Mary the Virgin

Wife: Georgiana Frances HAWKES

Name: Georgiana Frances HAWKES
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Aug 1776 Westminster, London
Death Sep 1854 (age 78) Mortlake, Surrey

Child 1: Frances Georgiana OMMANNEY


Spouse: Haslar HOLLIST formerly CAPRON, 1834, age 36

Name: Frances Georgiana OMMANNEY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Haslar HOLLIST formerly CAPRON (1798- )
Birth 31 Dec 1802 St Clement Danes Middlesex
Census 1861 (age 58-59) Lodsworth, Sussex
Lodsworth House
Living with husband
Census 1871 (age 68-69) Lodsworth, Sussex
Lodsworth House
Living with husband and daughter Frances
Death 3 Feb 1881 (age 78) Lodsworth, Sussex
Widow. Proved by Edward Ommanney HOLLIST, her son and William Henry WATSON her nephew of Capron House, Midhurst

Child 2: Elizabeth Acworth OMMANNEY

Name: Elizabeth Acworth OMMANNEY
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Augustus PRINSEP (1803-1830)
Spouse 2: Samuel BEACHCROFT (1801-1861)
Birth 5 Mar 1804 St Martin in the Fields, London
Census 1841 (age 36-37) Chelsea, Middlesex
Cadogan Place, St Luke
Living with husband and new born son
Census 1851 (age 46-47) Putney, Surrey
7 Terrase
Living with husband Samuel and children Elizabeth, Mary & Thomas
Census 1861 (age 56-57) Putney, Surrey
Royal Hospital for Incurables, Richmond Road
Living with husband Samuel and children Francis, Elizabeth, Mary, and Thomas
Census 1871 (age 66-67) Mortlake, Surrey
Upper Richmond Road
Widow. Living with daughter Mary and son Thomas. Mary Ann J OMMANNEY, niece also in residence
Death 8 Mar 1885 (age 81) East Sheen, Surrey
Oak Lawn
Proved by son Thomas BEACHCROFT and daughter Mary BEACHCROFT

Child 3: Frederick Woods OMMANNEY

Name: Frederick Woods OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Birth 24 May 1805 Westminster, London
Death Jul 1834 (age 29) Mortlake, Surrey

Child 4: Edward Aislabie OMMANNEY

Name: Edward Aislabie OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anna Catherine de HOCHEPIED LARPENT (1819-1893)
Birth 1806 Mortlake, Surrey
Census 1851 (age 44-45) Chew Magna, Somerset
Stone, Highfield House
Living with wife Anna and children
Census 1861 (age 54-55) Chew Magna, Somerset
Knowle Hill Road
Living with wife Anna and children
Census 1871 (age 64-65) Chew Magna, Somerset
The Vicarage
Living with wife Anna and children Frederica, Katherine, Sophia, & Ellen
Census 1881 (age 74-75) Bathwick St Mary, Somerset
4 Johnstone Street
Living with wife Anna and children Ellen & Walter and grandaighter Charlotte G TYLER
Occupation Clergyman
Death 21 Jan 1884 (age 77-78) Chew Magna, Somerset

Child 5: Walter Stirling OMMANNEY

Name: Walter Stirling OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Marianne MORTON (1823-1893)
Birth 27 May 1808 Mortlake, Surrey
Occupation East India Army - Captain
Death 18 Nov 1866 (age 58) Boulogne sur Mer, France
Proved by Marianne his widow.

Child 6: Francis OMMANNEY

Name: Francis OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Julia Henrietta METCALFE (1815-1893)
Spouse 2: Julia Henrietta METCALFE (1815-1893)
Spouse 3: Julia Henrietta METCALFE (1815-1893)
Birth Oct 1809 Mortlake, Surrey
Birth Oct 1809 Mortlake, Surrey
Birth 1810 Mortlake, Surrey
Occupation Solicitor
Census 1861 (age 51-52) Clutton, Somerset
High Filed, Chew Magna
Visiting in house of Conway & Louisa ROSE
Census 1891 (age 81-82) Cuddington, Surrey
York House, The Avenue
Living with wife Julia and grandchildren Edith OMMANNEY & Annie DYER
Death 13 Jan 1899 (age 89) Worcester Park, Surrey
York House
of 3 Great Winchester Street, London. Probate to Francis Metcalke OMMANNEY

Child 7: John Orden OMMANNEY

Name: John Orden OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Aug 1810 Mortlake, Surrey
Death Mar 1846 (age 35) Streatham, London

Child 8: Manaton Collingwood OMMANNEY

Name: Manaton Collingwood OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Louisa Engleheart COSTLEY (1813-1892)
Birth 19 Mar 1813 St Clement Danes Middlesex
Occupation Writer on Bengal Establishment
Death 1857 (age 43-44) Lucknow, Bengal, India

Child 9: Erasmus OMMANNEY

Name: Erasmus OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Birth Jun 1814 St Clement Danes Middlesex
Norfolk Street
Death 21 Dec 1904 (age 90) Hyde Park, London
29 Connaught Square
Died at Michaels Vicarage, St Michaels Road, South sea, Hampshire. Probate to Montaigu Frederick OMMANNEY

Child 10: Agnes OMMANNEY

Name: Agnes OMMANNEY
Sex: Female
Spouse: James DOLPHIN ( - )
Birth 6 Oct 1815 Mortlake, Surrey
Death 6 Feb 1907 (age 91) Southsea, Hampshire
East Lodge, Lennox Road
Proabte to george Manaton DOLPHIN

Child 11: Octavious OMMANNEY

Name: Octavious OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helen GREAM ( - )
Birth 5 Dec 1816 East Sheen, Surrey
Death 30 Jul 1901 (age 84) Bloxham, Oxfordshire
Probate to Sir Montagu Frederick OMMANNEY & William Thomas WESTERN

Child 12: George Druce Wynne OMMANNEY

Name: George Druce Wynne OMMANNEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen Catherine RICKETTS (1819-1895)
Birth 12 Apr 1819 St Clement Danes Middlesex
Norfolk Street
Occupation Clergyman
Death 20 Apr 1902 (age 83) Oxford, Oxfordshire
29 Beaumont Street
Probate to George Campnell and Ellen Octavia OMMANNEY