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Family of James HODSMAN and Jane BARRON

Husband: James HODSMAN (1823-1888)
Wife: Jane BARRON (1828-1900)
Children: George HODSMAN (1850-1916)
John HODSMAN (1852-1927)
Joseph HODSMAN (1853-1922)
Barron HODSMAN (1855-1919)
Ann Louisa HODSMAN (1857- )
Mary Ellen HODSMAN (1858-1932)
Jane Alice HODSMAN (1860- )
Louisa Betsy HODSMAN (1862-1933)
Eliza Harriet HODSMAN (1865-1943)
James Robert HODSMAN (1867-1933)
Marriage 17 Jan 1850 Hessle, Yorkshire

Husband: James HODSMAN

Name: James HODSMAN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: Ann HODSMAN ( - )
Birth 7 Oct 1823 Swanland, Yorkshire
Baptism 20 Dec 1823 (age 0) North Ferriby, Yorkshire
Mother described as a spinster. An Ann HODSMAN, daughter of William HODSMAN married Watson HARTCLIFFE in North Ferriby in 1843 described as spinster. An Ann HODSMAN b. 1790 died at Swanland in Dec 1840. No informtion in the 1841 or 1851 census can provide any confirmation of either of these facts.
Occupation Farm Bailiff
Census 1841 (age 17-18) Kirk Ella, Yorkshire
Census 1851 (age 27-28) Hessle, Yorkshire
Living with wife Jane and son George
Census 1861 (age 37-38) Sand Hutton, Yorkshire
Farm house
Census 1871 (age 47-48) Haxby, Yorkshire
Haxby Grange
Living wife Jane and children. Aunt Elizabeth also in residence
Census 1881 (age 57-58) Haxby, Yorkshire
Haxby Grange
Living with wife Jane and children.
Death 14 Feb 1888 (age 64) Burythorpe, Yorkshire
Probate to son George, Mineral Merchant

Wife: Jane BARRON

Name: Jane BARRON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1828 North Newbald, Yorkshire
Death 30 Jul 1900 (age 71-72) Burysthorpe, Yorkshire
Hermitage Farm

Child 1: George HODSMAN

Name: George HODSMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah WHITEHEAD (1849-1931)
Birth Dec 1850 Hessle, Yorkshire
Occupation Quarry Owner & Coal Merchant
Census 1881 (age 30-31) Clifton, Yorkshire
8 Vyner Street
Living with wife Sarah and daughters Edith and Marion and sons James and George
Residence 1888 (age 37-38) Haxby, Yorkshire
8 Vyner Street
Census 1891 (age 40-41) Clifton, Yorkshire
Foversham Terrace
Living with wife Sarah and children
Census 1911 (age 60-61) York, Yorkshire
8 Feversham Terrace
Living with wife Sarah and daughter Marion
Death Oct 1916 (age 65) York, Yorkshire

Child 2: John HODSMAN

Name: John HODSMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Esther Hannah DALTON (1857-1916)
Spouse 2: Kate Isabel USHER ( -1943)
Birth Dec 1852 Sand Hutton, Yorkshire
Census 1901 (age 48-49) Burythorpe, Yorkshire
Hermitage Farm
Farmer.Living with wife and children and sister in law - Mary DALTON
Census 1911 (age 58-59) Edlethorpe, Yorkshire
Living with wife and children
Occupation Highways Surveyor
Death 21 Jan 1927 (age 74) Eddlethorpe Malton, Yorkshire
Probate to Kate Isabel HODSMAN, Widow and Frank & James Henry HODSMAN

Child 3: Joseph HODSMAN

Name: Joseph HODSMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice BEEDHAM (1850-1945)
Birth 8 Jun 1853 Sand Hutton, Yorkshire
Occupation Joiner & Builder
Census 1901 (age 47-48) York, Yorkshire
34 Lower Eldeon Street
Living with wife Alice & children
Census 1911 (age 57-58) York, Yorkshire
34 Lower Eldeon Street
Living with wife Alice and sons
Death Dec 1922 (age 69) York, Yorkshire

Child 4: Barron HODSMAN

Name: Barron HODSMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Ellen FAULKNER (1853-1918)
Birth Dec 1855 Sand Hutton, Yorkshire
Census 1901 (age 45-46) Salford, Lancashire
147 Trafford Road
Living with wife Mary Ellen and children
Census 1911 (age 55-56) Salford, Lancashire
147 Trafford Road
Occupation Dealer in Groceries
Death 6 May 1919 (age 63) Stretford, Lancashire
116 Victoria Road
Probate to solicitor

Child 5: Ann Louisa HODSMAN

Name: Ann Louisa HODSMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas ILLINGWORTH (1858- )
Birth Jul 1857 Sand Hutton, Yorkshire
Census 1911 (age 53-54) Acklam with Barthorpe, Yorkshire
Lepington Lodge
Living with husband Thomas

Child 6: Mary Ellen HODSMAN

Name: Mary Ellen HODSMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Alfred CARR (1858-1926)
Birth Dec 1858 Sand Hutton, Yorkshire
Census 1891 (age 32-33) Sale, Cheshire
Park Road
Living with husband Alfred and daughter Muriel
Census 1901 (age 42-43) Rochdale Lancs
28 Mere Street, Castleon Nearer
Living with husband and daughter Muriel
Census 1911 (age 52-53) Hexham, Northumberland
Priorhurst, Woodside
Living with husband and grandchild Patrick Carr WATSON b.1910 at Hexham
Death Dec 1932 (age 73-74) Hexham, Northumberland

Child 7: Jane Alice HODSMAN

Name: Jane Alice HODSMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: George MASKEN ( - )
Birth Apr 1860 Sand Hutton, Yorkshire

Child 8: Louisa Betsy HODSMAN

Name: Louisa Betsy HODSMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert William THORNTON (1862-1924)
Birth Apr 1862 Sand Hutton, Yorkshire
Census 1911 (age 48-49) Stretford, Lancashire
22 Sydney Street
Death Dec 1933 (age 71) Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire

Child 9: Eliza Harriet HODSMAN

Name: Eliza Harriet HODSMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: John LECKENBY (1858-1924)
Birth Jul 1865 Sand Hutton, Yorkshire
Census 1891 (age 25-26) Malton, Yorkshire
Living with Mother
Census 1901 (age 35-36) Haxby, Yorkshire
Haxby Lodge Farm
Living with sister Annie and her husband Thomas ILLINGWORTH
Census 1911 (age 45-46) Austerfield, Yorkshire
New Park, Austerfield Bawtry, Austerfield
Living with husband John and son
Census 1939 (age 73-74) York, Yorkshire
8 Elmfield Terrace
Widowed. Living with son William
Death Jul 1943 (age 77-78) York, Yorkshire

Child 10: James Robert HODSMAN

Name: James Robert HODSMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Alice WATERHOUSE (1874-1962)
Birth Jul 1867 Sand Hutton, Yorkshire
Occupation Carpenter
Census 1901 (age 33-34) York, Yorkshire
8 Vyner Street
Living with wife and daughter
Census 1916 (age 48-49) Regina Saskatchewan, Canada
1947 Smith Street
Living with wife Mary and children Ivy, James, Reginald & John
Death 1933 (age 65-66) Regina Saskatchewan, Canada