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Family of George HODSMAN and Sarah WHITEHEAD

Husband: George HODSMAN (1850-1916)
Wife: Sarah WHITEHEAD (1849-1931)
Children: Edith HODSMAN (1874-1973)
Marion HODSMAN (1877-1942)
James Arthur HODSMAN (1879-1944)
George Barron HODSMAN (1881-1969)
Hylda Mary HODSMAN (1884-1963)
John Edward HODSMAN (1889-1944)
Marriage Jan 1874 Tadcaster, Yorkshire

Husband: George HODSMAN

Name: George HODSMAN
Sex: Male
Father: James HODSMAN (1823-1888)
Mother: Jane BARRON (1828-1900)
Birth Dec 1850 Hessle, Yorkshire
Occupation Quarry Owner & Coal Merchant
Census 1881 (age 30-31) Clifton, Yorkshire
8 Vyner Street
Living with wife Sarah and daughters Edith and Marion and sons James and George
Residence 1888 (age 37-38) Haxby, Yorkshire
8 Vyner Street
Census 1891 (age 40-41) Clifton, Yorkshire
Foversham Terrace
Living with wife Sarah and children
Census 1911 (age 60-61) York, Yorkshire
8 Feversham Terrace
Living with wife Sarah and daughter Marion
Death Oct 1916 (age 65) York, Yorkshire


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1849 Manston, Yorkshire
Death Jan 1931 (age 81-82) Great Ouseburn, Yorkshire

Child 1: Edith HODSMAN

Name: Edith HODSMAN
Sex: Female
Birth 12 Dec 1874 Wakefield, Yorkshire
Occupation Schoolteacher
Death 14 Nov 1973 (age 98) Sale, Cheshire
45 Northendon Road
Spinster. Resident at 5 The Oval, Harrogate

Child 2: Marion HODSMAN

Name: Marion HODSMAN
Sex: Female
Birth 10 Apr 1877 Haxby, Yorkshire
5 The Oval, Burnbridge
Census 1939 (age 61-62) Harrogate, Yorkshire
5 The Oval, Burnbridge
Living with sister Edirg
Death 30 Nov 1942 (age 65) Harrogate, Yorkshire

Child 3: James Arthur HODSMAN

Name: James Arthur HODSMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hilda Mary BROWN (1882-1973)
Birth 28 Feb 1879 York, Yorkshire
Census 1911 (age 31-32) Heworth without, Yorkshire
The Cottage, Stockton Lane
Living with wife Hilda Mary and children
Occupation Whinstone Quarry Owner
Death 24 Nov 1944 (age 65) Bournemouth, Dorset
24 Glenferness Avenue
Probate to Widow Hilda Mary

Child 4: George Barron HODSMAN

Name: George Barron HODSMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence Emily BROWN (1880-1975)
Birth 17 Feb 1881 York, Yorkshire
Occupation Foundry Manager
Census 1891 (age 9-10) Clifton, Yorkshire
Census 1911 (age 29-30) Redcar, Yorkshire
27 Henry Street, Coatham
Living with wife Florence and children Cecilia and Patrick. Brother in Law Francis Burr BROWN alqo in residence
Travel 16 Nov 1935 (age 54) South Africa
Travelled from Liverpool on SS NESTOR to Cape Town with children Stephen, Richard, & Michael,
Travel 7 Jan 1936 (age 54) Liverpool, Lancashire
Arrived from Durban with children Stephen Richard and Michael. His Wife Hilda and children Hilary, Bridget and David arrived having travelled from Melbourne
Census 1939 (age 57-58) Startforth, Yorkshire
Balder Grange
Death Apr 1969 (age 88) Devon Central, Devon

Child 5: Hylda Mary HODSMAN

Name: Hylda Mary HODSMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Herbert DIXON (1881-1972)
Birth 23 Jan 1884 York, Yorkshire
Groves Chapel
Census 1891 (age 6-7) Clifton, Yorkshire
8 Feversham Terrace
Living with parents
Census 1901 (age 16-17) Bootham, York, Yorkshire
Feversham Terrace
Living with parents
Census 1911 (age 26-27) Sale, Cheshire
38 School Road
Living with husband Herbert and daughter
Census 1939 (age 54-55) Sale, Cheshire
41 Northenden Road
Death Mar 1963 (age 79) Eastbourne, Sussex

Child 6: John Edward HODSMAN

Name: John Edward HODSMAN
Sex: Male
Birth 27 May 1889 York, Yorkshire
Groves Chapel
Occupation Bank Clerk
Census 1891 (age 1-2) York, Yorkshire
8 Feversham Terrace
Living with parents
Census 1901 (age 11-12) York, Yorkshire
Feversham Terrace
Living with parents
Service Record 24 Oct 1914 (age 25) Regina Saskatchewan, Canada
Enlisted in Canadian Expeditionary Force. Discharged to England 22Jul 1919. Spent majority of his service in Rouen. Final promotion to WO 1
Death 21 Dec 1944 (age 55) Quebec, Canada