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Family of George Poyntz RICKETTS and Sophia Sarah Jane PEIRCE

Husband: George Poyntz RICKETTS (1774-1815)
Wife: Sophia Sarah Jane PEIRCE (1784-1830)
Children: Sophia Mary RICKETTS (1800-1833)
Emilia Ellen RICKETTS (1801-1841)
Frances Isabella RICKETTS (1802-1828)
Louisa RICKETTS (1804-1886)
George Poyntz RICKETTS (1808-1885)
Georgiana RICKETTS (1814-1902)
Charlotte Augusta RICKETTS ( -1833)
Marriage 20 Feb 1800 Fort William, Calcutta, India

Husband: George Poyntz RICKETTS

Name: George Poyntz RICKETTS
Sex: Male
Father: George Poyntz RICKETTS (1749-1800)
Mother: Sophia WATTS (1753-1830)
Birth 10 Jul 1774 Southampton, Hampshire
Death 29 Apr 1815 (age 40) Monghir, Bengal, India

Wife: Sophia Sarah Jane PEIRCE

Name: Sophia Sarah Jane PEIRCE
Sex: Female
Father: Richard PEIRCE (1735-1786)
Mother: Mary BURSTON (1747-1807)
Birth 1784
Death Aug 1830 (age 45-46) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Child 1: Sophia Mary RICKETTS

Name: Sophia Mary RICKETTS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Montague AINSLIE (1792-1884)
Birth 29 Nov 1800 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Death Aug 1833 (age 32) Zillah, Bengal; India

Child 2: Emilia Ellen RICKETTS

Name: Emilia Ellen RICKETTS
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Charles Barker CROMMELIN (1790-1827)
Spouse 2: Thomas WHITE (1785- )
Birth 27 Oct 1801 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Death 1841 (age 39-40) Bengal, India

Child 3: Frances Isabella RICKETTS

Name: Frances Isabella RICKETTS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Abraham ROBERTS (1785-1873)
Birth 14 Oct 1802 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Occupation Bengal Army - Col
Death May 1828 (age 25) Fort William, Calcutta, India

Child 4: Louisa RICKETTS

Name: Louisa RICKETTS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Just Henry ALT (1798-1875)
Birth 12 Aug 1804 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Census 1851 (age 46-47) Enford, Wiltshire
Living with husband the Vicar of Enford and daughters together with her sister in law Georgina CHAPMAN
Death Dec 1886 (age 82) Acton, Middlesex

Child 5: George Poyntz RICKETTS

Name: George Poyntz RICKETTS
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Isabella Victoria BEGBIE (1813-1853)
Spouse 2: Martha Anne KIRKBY (1812-1869)
Spouse 3: Eliza Catherine CRASTER (1828-1904)
Birth 28 Oct 1808 Bengal, India
Census 1861 (age 52-53) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
16 Rodney Terrace
Living with wife Martha
Census 1881 (age 72-73) Walcot, Bath, Somerset
12 Lansdown Crescent
Living with wife Eliza
Occupation Bengal Cavalry - Lt Col
Retired 30 Nov 1853 - India
Death 25 Apr 1885 (age 76) Bath, Somerset

Child 6: Georgiana RICKETTS

Name: Georgiana RICKETTS
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Strange CHAPMAN (1799-1885)
Birth 14 Aug 1814 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Census 1861 (age 46-47) Enford, Wiltshire
Living with brother in law Just Henry ALT and sister Louisa ALT
Census 1871 (age 56-57) Enford, Wiltshire
The Vicarage
Visiting with her sister Louisa
Census 1881 (age 66-67) Hammersmith, London
Clarendon Terrace
Married. Living with servants
Census 1901 (age 86-87) Hammersmith, London
167 Uxbridge Road
Widow. Living with a servant
Death 3 Nov 1902 (age 88) Hammersmith, London
167 Uxbridge Road
Probate to Montaigue Poyntz RICKETTS and Georgiana Louisa SMITH

Child 7: Charlotte Augusta RICKETTS

Name: Charlotte Augusta RICKETTS
Sex: Female
Spouse 2: Alfred William BEGBIE (1802-1873)
Death Aug 1833 Zillah, Bengal; India

Note on Husband: George Poyntz RICKETTS

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