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Family of Just Henry ALT and Louisa RICKETTS

Husband: Just Henry ALT (1798-1875)
Wife: Louisa RICKETTS (1804-1886)
Children: Just Henry Seaforth ALT (1823- )
Amelius George ALT (1827- )
Emily Louisa Haly ALT (1830- )
Justina Sarah Frances ALT (1832- )
Just Henry Montaigu ALT (1833- )
Lisle Bowles ALT (1835- )
Justina Lucy Mary ALT (1840- )
Georgiana Sophia ALT (1842- )
Marriage 18 Dec 1820 Calcutta, Bengal, India

Husband: Just Henry ALT

Name: Just Henry ALT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1798 Suffolk
Occupation Clergyman
Death Jan 1875 (age 76-77) Pewsey, Wiltshire

Wife: Louisa RICKETTS

Name: Louisa RICKETTS
Sex: Female
Father: George Poyntz RICKETTS (1774-1815)
Mother: Sophia Sarah Jane PEIRCE (1784-1830)
Birth 12 Aug 1804 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Census 1851 (age 46-47) Enford, Wiltshire
Living with husband the Vicar of Enford and daughters together with her sister in law Georgina CHAPMAN
Death Dec 1886 (age 82) Acton, Middlesex

Child 1: Just Henry Seaforth ALT

Name: Just Henry Seaforth ALT
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Dec 1823 St Marylebone, London

Child 2: Amelius George ALT

Name: Amelius George ALT
Sex: Male
Birth 25 Oct 1827 St Giles, London

Child 3: Emily Louisa Haly ALT

Name: Emily Louisa Haly ALT
Sex: Female
Birth Dec 1830 St Giles, London

Child 4: Justina Sarah Frances ALT

Name: Justina Sarah Frances ALT
Sex: Female
Birth Jul 1832 St Giles, London

Child 5: Just Henry Montaigu ALT

Name: Just Henry Montaigu ALT
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Jun 1833 St Giles, London

Child 6: Lisle Bowles ALT

Name: Lisle Bowles ALT
Sex: Female
Birth 16 Aug 1835 Enford, Wiltshire

Child 7: Justina Lucy Mary ALT

Name: Justina Lucy Mary ALT
Sex: Female
Birth 14 Oct 1840 Enford, Wiltshire

Child 8: Georgiana Sophia ALT

Name: Georgiana Sophia ALT
Sex: Female
Birth 13 Mar 1842 Enford, Wiltshire