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Family of George Alphonso MOTT and Mary Ann CLARK

Husband: George Alphonso MOTT (1818-1895)
Wife: Mary Ann CLARK (1847-c. 1921)
Children: George Walter MOTT (1869-1934)
Sophia Jane MOTT (1870-1949)
Francis Owen MOTT (1872-1945)
Charles Alphonso MOTT (1874-1922)
Alice Mary MOTT (1879-1973)
Augustus George MOTT (1881- )
Lewis Augustine MOTT (1883-1964)
Mabel Marion MOTT (1885- )
Frederick George Francis MOTT (1888-1948)
Arthur Edward George MOTT (1891-1963)
Marriage 9 Nov 1888 St Lukes, Islington, Middlesex
Banns published 4 May 1884 at St Mary Lambeth. George described as Widower

Husband: George Alphonso MOTT

Name: George Alphonso MOTT
Sex: Male
Father: George MOTT (1795- )
Mother: Hebe PINGO (1798-1831)
Birth 12 Nov 1818 Richmond Surrey
Grays Inn Place
Information from London Metropoliton BMD recods on Ancestry
Baptism 8 Jun 1819 (age 0) St Andrews, Holborn
Census 1851 (age 32-33) Liverpool, Lancashire
B K Sandon Terrace
Living with wife Elizabeth and son Robert. States born in Surrey?
Census 1861 (age 42-43) Liverpool, Lancashire
57 Jordan Street
Elizabeth MOTT - described as Widow. Residing in residence of Joseph and Teresa MAGENIS together with son Robert and daughter Susan b. 1854. George not with her
Census 1871 (age 52-53) Shoreditch, London
114 Shepherdess Road
States born in Richmond Surrey. Occupation - Master Mariner b. 1819
Wife and family match other census
Census 1881 (age 62-63) Battersea, London
44 Stanley Street
States born Shiveral, Shropshire in 1834. Occupation - Clerk to Coal Company. Wife and children all match previous census
Census 1891 (age 72-73) Lambeth, London
Cottage Grove
States born in Winchmore Hill in1819. Occupation - Wharf Clerk. Wife and children match
Occupation Sea Master/ Captain
Death Jan 1895 (age 76) Lambeth, London
30 Cottage Grove
Buried 30 January

Wife: Mary Ann CLARK

Name: Mary Ann CLARK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1847 Norwood, Surrey
Census 1901 (age 53-54) Lambeth, London
7 Soton New Road
Living withdaughter Mabel, sons frederick and Arthur and daughter Alice M BRUNT
Census 1911 (age 63-64) Clapham, London
122 Bedord Road
Living with son Frederick
Death c. 5 Feb 1921 (age 73-74) Brixton, London

Child 1: George Walter MOTT

Name: George Walter MOTT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Leontine Emmeline CLEMENT (1869-1952)
Birth 1869 Middlesex, london
Census 1901 (age 31-32) Lambeth, London
47 Soton New Road
Census 1911 (age 41-42) Lambeth, London
47 Soton New Road
Living with wife and children
Occupation Coal Merchant
Death 31 Jan 1934 (age 64-65) Lambeth, London
47 Soton New Road
Probate to Francis Owen MOTT, Company Director

Child 2: Sophia Jane MOTT

Name: Sophia Jane MOTT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert A MORRISON (1869-c. 1914)
Birth 19 Oct 1870 Shoreditch, Middlesex
Baptism 31 Jan 1872 (age 1) Hoxton, Middlesex
Holy Trinity
Census 1891 (age 20-21) Brixton, London
26 College Grove
Living with parents and siblings
Census 1939 (age 68-69) Hornsey, Middlesex
5 Firs Mansions
Widowed. Living with Elsie MORRISON b. 22 Jul 1900
Death Jul 1949 (age 78) Wood Green, Middlesex

Child 3: Francis Owen MOTT

Name: Francis Owen MOTT
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Alice Maud JOHNSON (1869-1922)
Spouse 2: Florence SMITH (1877-1958)
Birth Nov 1872 Hoxton, Middlesex
Baptism 19 Mar 1873 (age 0) Hoxton, Middlesex
Holy Trinity
Census 1901 (age 28-29) Streatham, London
3 Ashlake Road
Census 1911 (age 38-39) Horley, Surrey
Massetts Road
Living with wife and Daughter
Occupation Secretary to Engineering Company
Census 1939 (age 66-67) Brighton, Sussex
Florence Mott his second wife also on record
Census 1939 (age 66-67) Brighton, Sussex
9 Cardew Road
Living with wife Florence
Death 22 May 1945 (age 72) Brighton, Sussex
Singleton, Carven Avenue
Probate to wife Florence

Child 4: Charles Alphonso MOTT

Name: Charles Alphonso MOTT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Annie TREBILCOCK (1873- )
Birth Dec 1874 Hoxton, Middlesex
Occupation Agent & Dealer in Hardwood & Coal
Census 1911 (age 36-37) Brixton, London
73 Loughborough Park
Living with wife Annie
Emigration 6 Jul 1921 (age 46) from Dulwich, London to Montreal, Canada
45 Dulwich Place
Moved to Canada to work for his Company Shell as salesman. Travelled on Empress of France arriving Quebec 13 Jul 1921
Death 17 Sep 1922 (age 47) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
22 Nilroy Avenuen Valois
Dies in Montreal General Hospital. Probate to wife Annie

Child 5: Alice Mary MOTT

Name: Alice Mary MOTT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas BRUNT (1876-1938)
Birth 1879 Hoxton, Middlesex
Census 1911 (age 31-32) Balham Surrey
67 Balham Grove
Living with husband and children. Also in residence was her Brother, Lewis
Death Sep 1973 (age 93-94) Aylesbury, Bucks

Child 6: Augustus George MOTT

Name: Augustus George MOTT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Janet NISBET ( - )
Birth 20 Oct 1881 Clapham, Middlesex
26 Cottage Grove
Baptism 22 Sep 1886 (age 4) Hoxton, Middlesex
Holy Trinity
Service Record 7 Mar 1900 (age 18) London
Trooper in Household Cavalry. Discharged 2 Apr 1903. Declared a deserter and struck off strength 15 Jul 1901. Refrained and in guardoom - 20 Feb 1903
Emigration 29 Mar 1910 (age 28) from Clapham, London to Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia
Service Record 2 Sep 1918 (age 36) Sydney Australia
188 Hereford Street, Forest Lodge
Trooper in the Military Forces of the Commonwealth. Deserted from the Military Camp Liverpool. Next of kin his wife living at Forest Lodge.
Residence 1924 (age 42-43) Sydney Australia
9 Parves Street, Sands
Residence 1933 (age 51-52) Sydney Australia
3 Purves Street
Wife Janet and Roy Malcolm MOTT also on Electoral Roll

Child 7: Lewis Augustine MOTT

Name: Lewis Augustine MOTT
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Julie Ionie GOODMAN ( -1913)
Spouse 2: Mary Theresa B LEAVER (1895-1966)
Birth 4 Nov 1883 Clapham, London
31 Willington Road
Census 1911 (age 27-28) Balham Surrey
67 Balham Grove
Living with his sister Alice and Brother in Law Thomas BRUNT
Occupation Clerk to a Merchant
Death Oct 1964 (age 80) Battersea, London
Cause: Died ina tram accident

Child 8: Mabel Marion MOTT

Name: Mabel Marion MOTT
Sex: Female
Birth 9 Dec 1885 Clapham, London
26 Cottage Grove
Baptism 22 Sep 1886 (age 0) Hoxton, Middlesex
Holy Trinity
Emigration 1907 (age 21-22) from Liverpool, Lancashire to New York, USA
Travelled on SS Teutonic leaving Liverpool 23 Jan 1907 arriving New York 31st January

Child 9: Frederick George Francis MOTT

Name: Frederick George Francis MOTT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Louisa Mary BOORMAN (1887-1968)
Birth Apr 1888 Stockwell, London
Census 1901 (age 12-13) Lambeth, London
7 Soton New Road
Living with Mother and siblings
Census 1911 (age 22-23) Clapham, London
122 Bedord Road
Living with Mother
Occupation Clerk to Coal Mechant
Census 1939 (age 50-51) Cockermouth, Cumberland
Louisa M and three more people registered at the address
Death 24 May 1948 (age 60) Cockermouth, Cumberland
Greenbank, Brigham
Probate to Louisa Mary MOTT

Child 10: Arthur Edward George MOTT

Name: Arthur Edward George MOTT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Constance Grace POPE (1891-1986)
Birth Oct 1891 Stockwell, London
Residence 1918 (age 26-27) Clapham, London
19 Narbonne Avenue
Only person on Electoral Roll at this address
Census 1939 (age 47-48) Wandsworth London
Living with wife at this address
Death Jul 1963 (age 71) Ware, Hertfordshire