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Family of George Walter MOTT and Leontine Emmeline CLEMENT

Husband: George Walter MOTT (1869-1934)
Wife: Leontine Emmeline CLEMENT (1869-1952)
Children: Leontine Emmeline MOTT (1895-1962)
Edward George Francis MOTT (1898-1954)
Francis Charles MOTT (1901-1963)
Annie Doris MOTT (1909-1994)
Marriage Apr 1894 Lambeth, London

Husband: George Walter MOTT

Name: George Walter MOTT
Sex: Male
Father: George Alphonso MOTT (1818-1895)
Mother: Mary Ann CLARK (1847-c. 1921)
Birth 1869 Middlesex, london
Census 1901 (age 31-32) Lambeth, London
47 Soton New Road
Census 1911 (age 41-42) Lambeth, London
47 Soton New Road
Living with wife and children
Occupation Coal Merchant
Death 31 Jan 1934 (age 64-65) Lambeth, London
47 Soton New Road
Probate to Francis Owen MOTT, Company Director

Wife: Leontine Emmeline CLEMENT

Name: Leontine Emmeline CLEMENT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 3 Jul 1869 Clapham, London
Death 13 May 1952 (age 82) Lambeth, London

Child 1: Leontine Emmeline MOTT

Name: Leontine Emmeline MOTT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles A DANGERFIELD ( - )
Birth Sep 1895 Stockwell, London
Death Dec 1962 (age 67) Thanet, Kent

Child 2: Edward George Francis MOTT

Name: Edward George Francis MOTT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Winifred Ethel BELSEY (1897-1945)
Birth Sep 1898 Stockwell, London
Death Dec 1954 (age 56) Ealing, Middlesex

Child 3: Francis Charles MOTT

Name: Francis Charles MOTT
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Agnes Dorothy FISHER (1900-1988)
Spouse 2: Daisy May MASTERS (1905-1976)
Birth 19 Nov 1901 Lambeth, London
Census 1939 (age 37-38) Mitcham, Surrey
107 Windermere Road
Living with Daisy May MOTT (MASTERS)
Occupation Coal Merchant
Death 18 Jul 1963 (age 61) Balham Surrey
4 Dafforne Road
Died in Cumberland House, Mitcham. Probate to Daisy May MASTERS, spinster.

Child 4: Annie Doris MOTT

Name: Annie Doris MOTT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Alexander Granvile Valentine OAKLEIGH (1904-1986)
Birth Oct 1909 Lambeth, Surrey
Census 1911 (age 1-2) Lambeth, Surrey
47 Solon New Road
Living with parents and siblings
Death 4 Aug 1994 (age 84) Crawley, Sussex
43 Perryfield Road