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Family of Mark FIRTH and Caroline Gedley BRADLEY

Husband: Mark FIRTH (1819-1880)
Wife: Caroline Gedley BRADLEY (1833-1894)
Children: John Bradley FIRTH (1859-1931)
Mark FIRTH (1861-1929)
Alfred FIRTH (1863- )
Caroline Bradley FIRTH (1863-1949)
Bernard Alexander FIRTH (1866-1929)
Charles Henry Bramley FIRTH (1868-1950)
Rachel FIRTH (1870-1954)
Helen Beatrice FIRTH (1872-1954)
Marriage 3 Sep 1857 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Husband: Mark FIRTH

Name: Mark FIRTH
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 25 Apr 1819 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Occupation Steel Manufacturer
Death 28 Nov 1880 (age 61) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Oakbrook, Ranmoor, Upper Hallam
Probate to Charles Henry, John Bradley FIRTH. Estate Value - under £600000

Wife: Caroline Gedley BRADLEY

Name: Caroline Gedley BRADLEY
Sex: Female
Father: John BRADLEY (1802-1866)
Mother: Mary Ann GEDLING (1807-1884)
Birth 12 Mar 1833 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Census 1851 (age 17-18) Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Park Row
Living with parents
Census 1861 (age 27-28) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Upper Hallam
Living with husband Mark
Census 1871 (age 37-38) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Oakbrook, Upper Hallam
Census 1881 (age 47-48) Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
11 Chesterfield Road
Widow. Visitor in home of Michael and Fanny GEDLEY.
Census 1891 (age 57-58) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Oakbrook, Ranmoor, Upper Hallam
Widow. Living alone
Death 13 Jul 1894 (age 61) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Oakbrook, Ranmoor, Upper Hallam
Probate to John Bradley FIRTH and Mark FIRTH. Estate Value £13866

Child 1: John Bradley FIRTH

Name: John Bradley FIRTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emily Harriett ELLISON ( - )
Birth Oct 1859 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Census 1891 (age 31-32) Barmingham Winter, Norfolk
Barmingham Hall
Living with wife Emily H
Death 8 Jun 1931 (age 71) Monte Carlo, Monaco
Hotel Royal
Residence 12 Mount Street, Middlesex. Probate to National Provincial Bank. Estate Value £34822

Child 2: Mark FIRTH

Name: Mark FIRTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ida FOSTER (1861-1934)
Birth 1861 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Census 1881 (age 19-20) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
149 Market Street
Boarder. Undergraduate Cambridge University
Census 1891 (age 29-30) Gilling, Yorkshire
Hartsforth Hall
Census 1901 (age 39-40) Wistow, Leicestershire
Wistow Hall
Living with wife Ada
Census 1911 (age 49-50) Wistow, Leicestershire
Wiston Hall
Living with wife Ada. Thomas Reginald BADGER, stepson in residence and Harriett FIRTH, sister in Law (45)
Death 3 Apr 1929 (age 67-68) Northamptonshire
Carlton Park
Proabte to Ida his widow and stepson Thomas. Estate Vlaue £104707

Child 3: Alfred FIRTH

Name: Alfred FIRTH
Sex: Male
Birth 1863 Ranmoor, Yorkshire
Census 1871 (age 7-8) Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Oakbrook, Ranmoor, Upper Hallam
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 17-18) Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Oakbrook, Ranmoor, Upper Hallam
Living with brothers and sisters

Child 4: Caroline Bradley FIRTH

Name: Caroline Bradley FIRTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Edward JEFFCOCK (1858-1920)
Birth 21 Dec 1863 Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Census 1891 (age 27-28) Ecclesfield Bierlow, Yorkshire
Sharrow Grange
Census 1911 (age 47-48) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Wales Manor
Living with husband & children
Census 1939 (age 75-76) Wombwell, West Yorkshire
35 Stoneyford Road
Widowed. Living alone
Death 2 Jun 1949 (age 85) Retford, Nottinghamshire
Welham Hall
Probate to George Preston RHODES, Solicitor

Child 5: Bernard Alexander FIRTH

Name: Bernard Alexander FIRTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary LEWTON PENNY (1866-1949)
Birth Jan 1866 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Census 1891 (age 24-25) Ecclesfield Bierlow, Yorkshire
Whirlow House, Chapel Road
Living with wife and son
Occupation Steel Merchant & Manufacturer
Death 18 Feb 1929 (age 63) Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Coates Manor
Probate to wife Mary and Alec Mark Bernard & Charles Phillimore Lewton & Montaugu Mark FIRTH

Child 6: Charles Henry Bramley FIRTH

Name: Charles Henry Bramley FIRTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary EARP ( - )
Birth 21 Apr 1868 Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Census 1939 (age 70-71) Hungerford Berks
Elcot Park
Living with wife Mary
Death 25 Mar 1950 (age 81) Chilworth, Surrey
Tangley Hill
Probate to George Mark Oswold DAVY, retd Brigadier & Herbert Basil VINCENT. Estate Value £124832

Child 7: Rachel FIRTH

Name: Rachel FIRTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Charles Hague DAVY (1873-1934)
Birth Oct 1870 Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Census 1881 (age 10-11) Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Oakbrook, Ranmoor, Upper Hallam
Living with brother & sisters
Census 1891 (age 20-21) Friern Barnet, Middlesex
Hallewick House Ladies School
Census 1901 (age 30-31) Burghwallis, Yorkshire
Census 1911 (age 40-41) Northallerton, Yorkshire
Smeaton Manor
Living with husband George
Death 4 Apr 1954 (age 83) Eastbourne, Sussex
Flat 1, 8 Milnthorpe Road
Widow. Probate to George Mark Oswald, Retd Brigadier. Estate Value £5709

Child 8: Helen Beatrice FIRTH

Name: Helen Beatrice FIRTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Albert Renny JOWITT (1865-1937)
Birth 24 Jul 1872 Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Census 1901 (age 28-29) Rainhill, Lancashire
With husband visiting in home of Henry and Ellen HALL
Census 1911 (age 38-39) South Wingfield, Derbyshire
Wingfield Hall, Alfreton
Living with husband & daughter Beatrice
Census 1939 (age 66-67) Beaminster, Dorset
Manor House
Widowed. Visitor in home of Frederic & Margaret TINDALL
Death 10 Feb 1954 (age 81) London SW5
105 Coleherne Court
Probate to Beatrice Helen WILSON, Widow

Note on Husband: Mark FIRTH

Mark Bradley was the founder of Firth College in Sheffield. See Dictionary of National Biography , Volumes 1 - 22 for Mark Firth available on Ancestry