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Family of Micah Gedling BRADLEY and Fanny Lake PILE

Husband: Micah Gedling BRADLEY (1834-1911)
Wife: Fanny Lake PILE (1843-1919)
Children: Micah Gedley BRADLEY (1882-1962)
Phyllis BRADLEY (1883-1963)
Bernard BRADLEY (1885-1928)
Marriage 27 Mar 1877 Taunton, Somerset

Husband: Micah Gedling BRADLEY

Name: Micah Gedling BRADLEY
Sex: Male
Father: John BRADLEY (1802-1866)
Mother: Mary Ann GEDLING (1807-1884)
Birth 7 Aug 1834 St Nicholas, Nottingham
Census 1871 (age 36-37) Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Ropewall Road
Living with Mother
Census 1881 (age 46-47) Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
11 Chesterfield Road
Living with wife Fanny. Sister in Law Caroline G FIRTH visiting
Occupation Cotton Doubler
Employing 400 hands
Census 1891 (age 56-57) Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Chesterfield Road
Living with wife Fanny and children
Census 1901 (age 66-67) Bournemouth, Dorset
Mont Dore Hotel
Visitor with wife Fanny
Death 27 Jan 1911 (age 76) Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
West Lodge
Probate to Michael Gedley BRADLEY, Alfred BRADLEY, Estate Value £72580

Wife: Fanny Lake PILE

Name: Fanny Lake PILE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 22 Aug 1843 Bath, Somerset
Census 1911 (age 67-68)
Death 22 Mar 1919 (age 75) Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Pines, Woodhouse Road
Probate to Micah Gedling BRADLEY, Major in Army and Phyllis ARMSTRONG wife of Frank ARMSTRONG. Probate £4917

Child 1: Micah Gedley BRADLEY

Name: Micah Gedley BRADLEY
Sex: Male
Birth 9 Sep 1882 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Occupation Solicitor
Census 1891 (age 8-9) Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Chesterfield Road
Living with parents
Census 1901 (age 18-19) Uppingham, Rutland
High Street
Boarder - Pupil in school
Census 1911 (age 28-29) Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
West Lodge
Living with Mother and brother
Census 1939 (age 56-57) Conway, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Bryntyrch Hotel
Visiting. Retired Solicitor.
Death 8 Sep 1962 (age 79) Kegworth, Leicestershire
39 Derby Road
Probate to nephews Philip and Hilary ARMSTRONG

Child 2: Phyllis BRADLEY

Name: Phyllis BRADLEY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frank ARMSTRONG (1871-1945)
Birth 22 Dec 1883 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Census 1911 (age 27-28) Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
The Cedars, Woodhouse
Living with husband Frank and children
Census 1939 (age 55-56) Southwell R. D. Nottinghamshire
Living with husband Frank
Death 2 Sep 1963 (age 79) Kegworth, Leicestershire
39 Derby Road
Died at Derbyshire Royal Infirmary. Probate to Philp Bryan ARMSTRONG and Hilary John ARMSTRONG.

Child 3: Bernard BRADLEY

Name: Bernard BRADLEY
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1885 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Occupation Farmer
Census 1911 (age 25-26) Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
West Lodge
Living with Mother and brother Micah
Residence 1916 (age 30-31) Mapperley, Nottinghamshire
Carrigduff, Gordon Rise
Wrights Directory 1916
Death Mar 1928 (age 42) Nottingham, Nottinghamshire