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Family of Horace Etienne Louis STIEVENARD and Affra Castle HOGBEN

Husband: Horace Etienne Louis STIEVENARD (1862-1938)
Wife: Affra Castle HOGBEN (1873-1946)
Children: Margaret Castle STIEVENARD (1906-1977)
Charles Horace Leonce STIEVENARD (1909-1953)
Alphonse Etienne Arthur STIEVENARD (1913- )
Marriage 11 Jun 1902 Elham, Kent

Husband: Horace Etienne Louis STIEVENARD

Name: Horace Etienne Louis STIEVENARD
Sex: Male
Father: Léonce Etienne Horace STIEVENARD (1823-1892)
Mother: Margaret Blanche HURNALL (1826-1918)
Birth 10 May 1862 Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Occupation Clergyman
Census 1901 (age 38-39) Elham, Folkestone, Kent
20 Wiltie Gardens
Head of Household. His Mother in residence
Residence btw 1905 and 1920 (age 42-58) Buildwas, Dorset
The Rectory
Census 1911 (age 48-49) Ironbridge, Shropshire
The Vicarage
Living with his wife and children
Residence 1917 (age 54-55) Ironbridge, Shropshire
The Vicarage, Buildwas
Residence btw 1920 and 1927 (age 57-65) Langton Herring, Dorset
The Rectory
Death 18 Jun 1938 (age 76) Langton Herring, Dorset
The Rectory
Probate to wife Affra. Effects 470 pounds

Wife: Affra Castle HOGBEN

Name: Affra Castle HOGBEN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Oct 1873 Alkam, Kent
Census 1901 (age 27-28) Folkestone, Kent
74 Broadmead Road
Living in home of Sophia Castle her Aunt together with Sarah A C Hogben her sister b 1875
Death 15 Jun 1946 (age 72) Westerham, Kent
16 The Paddock
Probate to Margaret Castle STIEVENARD and Reverend Alphonse Etienne Arthur STIEVENARD. Effects 2187 pounds

Child 1: Margaret Castle STIEVENARD

Name: Margaret Castle STIEVENARD
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Jan 1906 Buildwas, Shropshire
Death Oct 1977 (age 71) Bromley, Kent

Child 2: Charles Horace Leonce STIEVENARD

Name: Charles Horace Leonce STIEVENARD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary (STIEVENARD) ( - )
Birth Jan 1909 Buildwas, Shropshire
Census 1911 (age 1-2) Ironbridge, Shropshire
Buildwas Vicarage
Living with parents and sister Margaret
Census "1936, 1937" New South Wales, Australia
57 Ewing Street, Lismore
Ice Cream Vendor
Residence 1943 (age 33-34) New South Wales, Australia
11 Cottee Street
Living with wife Mary
Residence 1949 (age 39-40) New South Wales, Australia
1 Market Street
Living with wife Mary. Occupation - Steward
Death 24 Sep 1953 (age 44) Lismore, New South Wales, Australia

Child 3: Alphonse Etienne Arthur STIEVENARD

Name: Alphonse Etienne Arthur STIEVENARD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret L ADAMS ( - )
Birth Jul 1913 Buildwas, Shropshire
Occupation Clergyman
Residence 1938 (age 24-25) Ruislip, Middlesex
39 Reginald Road
Living with Mother and sister Margaret and Sarah Ann Castle HOGBEN his cousin