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Family of Léonce Etienne Horace STIEVENARD and Margaret Blanche HURNALL

Husband: Léonce Etienne Horace STIEVENARD (1823-1892)
Wife: Margaret Blanche HURNALL (1826-1918)
Children: Paul Alphonse Ferdinand STIEVENARD (1859-1866)
Victoire Marie Blanche STIEVENARD (1860-1940)
Horace Etienne Louis STIEVENARD (1862-1938)
Jeanne Francoise Marguerite STIEVENARD (1864-1930)
Alphonse Gaston Campbell STIEVENARD (1867-1935)
Pauline Therese Cecilia STIEVENARD (1868-1870)
Charles Léonce Albert STIEVENARD (1870-1898)
Marriage 5 Aug 1858 Eggington, Bedfordshire

Husband: Léonce Etienne Horace STIEVENARD

Name: Léonce Etienne Horace STIEVENARD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 16 Jun 1823 Lille, France
Occupation Professor of French language
Immigration 20 Aug 1849 (age 26) to London from Dunkirk, France
On board the City of London
Census 1871 (age 47-48) Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Myddleton Square
Census 1891 (age 67-68) Islington, London
St Marys Square
Living with parents.
Death 10 Apr 1892 (age 68) Islington, London
17 St Marys Road, Canonbury
Probate to Charles Wallace HURNALL, bank clerk 982 pounds

Wife: Margaret Blanche HURNALL

Name: Margaret Blanche HURNALL
Sex: Female
Father: John HURNALL (1803-1892)
Mother: Mary BADHAM (1803-1864)
Birth 1 Jul 1826 St James, Hanover Square, London
Census 1851 (age 24-25) Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire
The Parsonage, Berden
Visiting at the home of Christopher and Lavinia COOK, Curate with her son William H
Census 1911 (age 84-85) Mill Hill, Middlesex
Twyford Flower Lane, Mill Hill
Living with Victoria Marie Blanche (50)
Death 10 Apr 1918 (age 91) St Albans, Hertfordshire
Francona, Alma Road
Probate to Reverend Horace Etienne Louis STIEVENARD. Effects 13 pounds 11 shillings

Child 1: Paul Alphonse Ferdinand STIEVENARD

Name: Paul Alphonse Ferdinand STIEVENARD
Sex: Male
Birth 19 May 1859 Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Death 30 Jun 1866 (age 7) Clerkenwell, Middlesex

Child 2: Victoire Marie Blanche STIEVENARD

Name: Victoire Marie Blanche STIEVENARD
Sex: Female
Birth 26 Nov 1860 Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Census 1861 (age 0-1) Hendon, Middlesex
Twyford Flower Lane, Mill Hill
Head of household. Living with her Mother Margaret Blanche two visitors - Edith Symonds GRANT and Minnie Jane BENNETT, a Ladys help - Barbara Susan BARHAM and two servants
Census 1891 (age 30-31) Penge, Surrey
Thornsett Road
Visitor at home of Charles W and jane HURNALL
Death 23 Mar 1940 (age 79) St Albans, Hertfordshire
Francona, Alma Road
Probate to Edward EMMETT, solicitor and to Reverend Alphonse Etienne Arthur STIEVENARD. Efects 3461 pounds

Child 3: Horace Etienne Louis STIEVENARD

Name: Horace Etienne Louis STIEVENARD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Affra Castle HOGBEN (1873-1946)
Birth 10 May 1862 Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Occupation Clergyman
Census 1901 (age 38-39) Elham, Folkestone, Kent
20 Wiltie Gardens
Head of Household. His Mother in residence
Residence btw 1905 and 1920 (age 42-58) Buildwas, Dorset
The Rectory
Census 1911 (age 48-49) Ironbridge, Shropshire
The Vicarage
Living with his wife and children
Residence 1917 (age 54-55) Ironbridge, Shropshire
The Vicarage, Buildwas
Residence btw 1920 and 1927 (age 57-65) Langton Herring, Dorset
The Rectory
Death 18 Jun 1938 (age 76) Langton Herring, Dorset
The Rectory
Probate to wife Affra. Effects 470 pounds

Child 4: Jeanne Francoise Marguerite STIEVENARD

Name: Jeanne Francoise Marguerite STIEVENARD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Evory Carmichael Arthur DUNN (1871-1944)
Birth 7 Nov 1864 Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Death Apr 1930 (age 65) St Albans, Hertfordshire

Child 5: Alphonse Gaston Campbell STIEVENARD

Name: Alphonse Gaston Campbell STIEVENARD
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Marie Frances (STIEVENARD) (1861-1927)
Spouse 2: Priscilla BRYANT (1898-1982)
Birth 24 Apr 1867 Clerkenwell, Middlesex
58 Myddleton Square
Occupation Medical Practitioner
Census 1901 (age 33-34) Islington, London
5 Alwyne Square
Living with wife Marie, Also in residence Wallace HURNALL (31) b. Bushy Herts, a cousin.
Census 1911 (age 43-44) Hammersmith, London
12 Great Church Lane
Living with wife Marie. Described as Laundry proprietor.
Death Jan 1935 (age 67) Cuckfield, Sussex

Child 6: Pauline Therese Cecilia STIEVENARD

Name: Pauline Therese Cecilia STIEVENARD
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Nov 1868 Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Death 1 Jun 1870 (age 1) Clerkenwell, Middlesex

Child 7: Charles Léonce Albert STIEVENARD

Name: Charles Léonce Albert STIEVENARD
Sex: Male
Birth 11 Jun 1870 Clerkenwell, Middlesex
58 Myddleton Square
Death 6 Nov 1898 (age 28) West Hampstead, Middlesex
38 Westbere Road
Probate to Margaret Blanche STIEVENARD. Effects 105 pounds