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Family of Desmond Charles Villiers FITZGERALD and Eileen Annie Loftus WEATHERALL

Husband: Desmond Charles Villiers FITZGERALD (1882-1969)
Wife: Eileen Annie Loftus WEATHERALL (1886- )
Children: Gerald Loftus FITZGERALD (1907-1999)
Marriage 16 Jul 1906 Shillong, Bengal, India

Husband: Desmond Charles Villiers FITZGERALD


Desmond Charles Villiers FITZGERALD, 1906-1924

Name: Desmond Charles Villiers FITZGERALD
Sex: Male
Father: George Russell FITZGERALD ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 24 Nov 1882
Occupation 1903 (age 20-21) Major Indian Medical Service
Licenced in Midwifery. Served in Indian Medical Service 1914 - 1925
Travel 18 Nov 1939 (age 56) Hampton Wick, Nr Kingston on Thames, Surrey
St Marys
Travelled on SS Orcades to India where he was permanently resident.
Education Bedford Grammar School
Service Record
Census 1939 (age 56-57) East Retford, Nottinghamshire
Living with wife Eileen.1 other person on the record
Residence 1950 (age 67-68) Nairobi, Kenya
Living with wife Eileen
Death 1969 (age 86-87) Nairobi, Kenya

Wife: Eileen Annie Loftus WEATHERALL

Name: Eileen Annie Loftus WEATHERALL
Sex: Female
Father: Henry Loftus WEATHERALL (1847-1915)
Mother: Clara BATCHELER (1858-1946)
Birth 11 Feb 1886 Dacca, Bengal, India
Census 1901 (age 14-15) Maida Vale, Middlesex
125 Elgin Avenue
Boarding with her sister Dorothy in the home of Emma ANSWORTH
Death ? Nairobi, Kenya

Child 1: Gerald Loftus FITZGERALD

Name: Gerald Loftus FITZGERALD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Stuart MILLS (1916-1997)
Birth 5 May 1907 Dacca, Bengal, India
Occupation Army - Brigadier, Royal Artillery
Awards 21 Jun 1945 (age 38) NW Europe
Awarded DSO whilst serving with the 84 Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery
Death 23 Jan 1999 (age 91) Winchester, Hampshire