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Family of Gerald Russell FITZGERALD and Anna Victoria TUTHILL

Husband: Gerald Russell FITZGERALD (1858-1910)
Wife: Anna Victoria TUTHILL (1856-1913)
Children: Arthur Gerald FITZGERALD (1880-1921)
Desmond Charles Villiers FITZGERALD (1882-1969)
Lorna Dulcie Geraldine FITZGERALD (1884-1956)
Lancelot Cecil FITZGERALD (1890-1969)
Marriage 22 Dec 1875 Dibrugagh, Assam, Bengal, India

Husband: Gerald Russell FITZGERALD

Name: Gerald Russell FITZGERALD
Sex: Male
Father: William Robert FITZGERALD (1825-1904)
Mother: Mary Rose CASTLE (1836-1899)
Birth 23 Oct 1858 Rangoon, Bengal, India
Occupation Tea Planter
Death 21 Jan 1910 (age 51) Dibrugagh, Assam, Bengal, India
Probate to Anna Victoria his wife

Wife: Anna Victoria TUTHILL

Name: Anna Victoria TUTHILL
Sex: Female
Father: Charles Langley TUTHILL ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1856 Dublin Ireland
Death Jan 1913 (age 56-57) Dublin Ireland

Child 1: Arthur Gerald FITZGERALD

Name: Arthur Gerald FITZGERALD
Sex: Male
Birth 17 Feb 1880 Sibsagar, Assam, Bengal, India
Occupation Tea Planter
Death 16 May 1921 (age 41) Visjianagram, Madras, India
Cause: Heat Stroke & Alcoholism

Child 2: Desmond Charles Villiers FITZGERALD


Desmond Charles Villiers FITZGERALD, 1906-1924

Name: Desmond Charles Villiers FITZGERALD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eileen Annie Loftus WEATHERALL (1886-1971)
Birth 24 Nov 1882 Assam, Bengal, India
Occupation 1903 (age 20-21) Major - Indian Medical Service
Licenced in Midwifery. Served in Indian Medical Service 1914 - 1925
Travel 18 Nov 1939 (age 56) Hampton Wick, Nr Kingston on Thames, Surrey
St Marys
Travelled on SS Orcades to India where he was permanently resident.
Education Bedford Grammar School
Service Record
Census 1939 (age 56-57) East Retford, Nottinghamshire
Park House, Blyth Road
Living with wife Eileen..2 redacted records. Mary S FITZGERALD b.3 sep 1916 his Daughter in Law also in reseidence
Residence 1950 (age 67-68) Nairobi, Kenya
Living with wife Eileen
Death 1969 (age 86-87) Nairobi, Kenya

Child 3: Lorna Dulcie Geraldine FITZGERALD

Name: Lorna Dulcie Geraldine FITZGERALD
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Salter BEAUCHAMP (1872-1942)
Birth 6 Feb 1884 Dibrugagh, Assam, Bengal, India
Census 1901 (age 16-17) Sevenoaks, Kent
Daragh, The Common
Vistor in the home of James and Florence HULBERT - ex Tea Planter
Residence 1941 (age 56-57) Jersey, Channel Islands
Broad Street, St Helier
Death 3 Dec 1956 (age 72) Jersey, Channel Islands
La Nicherie St, Breland
Probate to Lorna Salter MARRETT - single woman

Child 4: Lancelot Cecil FITZGERALD

Name: Lancelot Cecil FITZGERALD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Winifred WAINWRIGHT (1900-1977)
Birth 3 Jan 1890 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Death Sep 1969 (age 79) Birmingham, Warwickshire
Occupation Indian Army - Captain; Lt in Royal Irish Fusiliers