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Family of John Thomas Ewing GOWLLAND and Genevieve Elizabeth LORD

Husband: John Thomas Ewing GOWLLAND (1838-1874)
Wife: Genevieve Elizabeth LORD (1845-1905)
Children: John Vancouver Richards GOWLLAND (1866-1948)
Percy Hartwell GOWLLAND (1867-1920)
Mary Maud GOWLLAND (1870-1959)
Marriage 12 Oct 1865 St leonards, New South Wales, Australia

Husband: John Thomas Ewing GOWLLAND

Name: John Thomas Ewing GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Sankey GOWLLAND (1805-1872)
Mother: Mary EWING (1813-1862)
Birth 27 Jul 1838 Leysdown, Kent
Death 14 Aug 1874 (age 36) Crows Nest, New South Wales, Australia
Cause: Accidentlally Drowned
Occupation Royal Navy - Staff Commander

Wife: Genevieve Elizabeth LORD

Name: Genevieve Elizabeth LORD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1845 Sydney Australia
Death 14 Aug 1905 (age 59-60) Sydney Australia

Child 1: John Vancouver Richards GOWLLAND

Name: John Vancouver Richards GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Birth 1866
Death 1948 (age 81-82)

Child 2: Percy Hartwell GOWLLAND

Name: Percy Hartwell GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Birth 1867 St Leonards, Sydney, Australia
Death 1920 (age 52-53) New South Wales, Australia

Child 3: Mary Maud GOWLLAND

Name: Mary Maud GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Birth 1870 St Leonards, Sydney, Australia
Death 28 Feb 1959 (age 88-89) Sydney Australia