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Family of Thomas Sankey GOWLLAND and Mary EWING

Husband: Thomas Sankey GOWLLAND (1805-1872)
Wife: Mary EWING (1813-1862)
Children: Annie GOWLLAND (1832-1894)
Mary Louisa GOWLLAND (1834-1926)
John Thomas Ewing GOWLLAND (1838-1874)
Sarah Maria T GOWLLAND (1840-1924)
James Ewing GOWLLAND (1843-1860)
Richard Sankey GOWLLAND (1845-1886)
Frederick William Nicol GOWLLAND (1848-1897)
Eliza Celia GOWLLAND (1851-1921)
Emily GOWLLAND (1854-1868)
Marriage 20 Sep 1831 Columbkill, Donegal, Ireland

Husband: Thomas Sankey GOWLLAND

Name: Thomas Sankey GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Father: Richard Symons GOWLLAND ( -1807)
Mother: Sarah Woodruff SANKEY (1771-1847)
Birth 27 Oct 1805 St Andrews Canterbury
Baptism 16 Nov 1805 (age 0) Canterbury Kent
Countess of Huntingdons Connexion, Union Chapel, Watling Street
Census 1841 (age 35-36) Scilly Isles, Cornwall
Dial Rocks, Tresco
Living with wife Mary and children - Ann, Mary, John, Sarah. Mary Ewing b. 1806 in Ireland also in residence
Census 1851 (age 45-46) Rochford Essex
Leigh Street
Census 1861 (age 55-56) Greenwich London
1 Crownshitch Grove
Living with wife Mary and children Annie and Eliza C. Aunt Mary Ewing also in residence
Census 1871 (age 65-66) Crayford, Kent
4 Thurstan Place
Living with daughter Annie (38) born in Donegal, Ireland
Occupation Chief Officer, Coast Guard
Death 6 Feb 1872 (age 66) Dartford, Kent
Burial 10 Feb 1872 Crayford, Kent

Wife: Mary EWING

Name: Mary EWING
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1813 Tyrone, Ireland
Death 30 Oct 1862 (age 48-49) Crayford, Kent

Child 1: Annie GOWLLAND

Name: Annie GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Birth 9 Jul 1832 Donegal, Ireland
Census 1871 (age 38-39) Crayford, Kent
4 Thurstan Place
Living with Father
Census 1881 (age 48-49) Great Malvern Worcestershire
Brunswick House
Census 1891 (age 58-59) Ealing, Middlesex
8 Churchfield Road
Living with sister in law Jessica Katherine
Death 21 Oct 1894 (age 62) Ealing, Middlesex

Child 2: Mary Louisa GOWLLAND

Name: Mary Louisa GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry JOSCELYNE (1826-1909)
Birth Oct 1834 Isle of Sheppey, Kent
Census 1861 (age 26-27) Headington, Oxford
Iffley Road, Cowley
Living with wife and children Louisa and Henry
Census 1871 (age 36-37) Bicester, Oxfordshire
Fewcott Parsonage, Stoke Lyne
Living with husband and 7 children
Census 1881 (age 46-47) Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Ibstone Rectory, Ibstone
Living with husband and 3 daughters and 4 sons
Census 1891 (age 56-57) Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Ibstone Rectory, Ibstone
Living with husband and 2 daughters and 1 son plus 3 boarders and 2 servants
Census 1901 (age 66-67) Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Ibstone Rectory, Ibstone
Living with husband and daughter Mary E and son Frederick. 4 pupils and 2 servants also
Death Oct 1926 (age 91-92) Bournemouth, Dorset

Child 3: John Thomas Ewing GOWLLAND

Name: John Thomas Ewing GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Spouse: Genevieve Elizabeth LORD (1845-1905)
Birth 27 Jul 1838 Leysdown, Kent
Occupation Royal Navy - Staff Commander
Death 14 Aug 1874 (age 36) Crows Nest, New South Wales, Australia
Cause: Accidentlally Drowned

Child 4: Sarah Maria T GOWLLAND

Name: Sarah Maria T GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1840 Scilly Isles, Cornwall
Baptism 13 May 1841 (age 0) Scilly Isles, Cornwall
Death Jun 1924 (age 83) Kensington, London

Child 5: James Ewing GOWLLAND

Name: James Ewing GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Birth 19 Apr 1843 Scilly Isles, Cornwall
Death 1860 (age 16-17) Jamaica

Child 6: Richard Sankey GOWLLAND

Name: Richard Sankey GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jessie Katherine LAKE (1856-1932)
Birth 7 Oct 1845 Scilly Isles, Cornwall
Death 14 Jan 1886 (age 40) Ealing, Middlesex
8 Churchfield Road
Proved by William FOX of South Norwood and Robert Henry WHITCOMB of Gateshead - Executors

Child 7: Frederick William Nicol GOWLLAND


Frederick William Nicol GOWLLAND, 1897, age 49

Name: Frederick William Nicol GOWLLAND
Sex: Male
Birth Apr 1848 Hadleigh, Essex
Occupation Bank Manager
Death 27 Aug 1897 (age 49) Sydney Australia
Cause: Drowned
Address: Botany Bay

Child 8: Eliza Celia GOWLLAND

Name: Eliza Celia GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 1851 Leigh, Essex
Death 1 Apr 1921 (age 69-70) Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia

Child 9: Emily GOWLLAND

Name: Emily GOWLLAND
Sex: Female
Birth 22 Jun 1854 Rochford Essex
Death 22 Apr 1868 (age 13) Crayford, Kent