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Family of James DENNING and Elizabeth Mary ELLERTON

Husband: James DENNING (1814-1875)
Wife: Elizabeth Mary ELLERTON (1824-1885)
Children: Elizabeth Ella Amelie DENNING (1849-1935)
James Edward de Winton DENNING (1851- )
Georgina Catherine Annie de Winton DENNING (1853- )
John Frederick Charles DENNING (1855- )
Ffolliot Vere DENNING (1857-1926)
Ismena Margaret Isabella DENNING (1858- )
George Mouat Keith DENNING (1861- )
Marriage 7 Aug 1845

Husband: James DENNING

Name: James DENNING
Sex: Male
Father: Sylvester DENNING (1775- )
Mother: Madge (DENNING) (1787- )
Birth 1814 Ireland
Occupation Clergyman - Chaplain to County Prison Salop
Title Reverend
Occupation Clergyman
Census 1821 (age 6-7) Meath, Ireland
Living with parents Sylvester (46) and Madge (34) bother Patrick (1) and sister Anne (3)
Death 26 Feb 1875 (age 60-61) Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Abbey Foregate

Wife: Elizabeth Mary ELLERTON

Name: Elizabeth Mary ELLERTON
Sex: Female
Father: John Frederick ELLERTON (1796-1833)
Mother: Margaret Rebecca Mouat KEITH (1798-1875)
Father (2): John Frederick ELLERTON (1796-1833)
Mother (2): Margaret Rebecca Mouat KEITH (1798-1875)
Birth 5 Nov 1824 Camberwell, London
Census 1851 (age 26-27) Brecon, Wales
Castle Street
Census 1861 (age 36-37) Shrewsbury, Shropshire
3 Holywell Terrace
Living with husband and family
Death Apr 1885 (age 60) Fulham, London

Child 1: Elizabeth Ella Amelie DENNING

Name: Elizabeth Ella Amelie DENNING
Sex: Female
Birth 1849 Brecon, Wales
Death Mar 1935 (age 85-86) Brentford Middlesex

Child 2: James Edward de Winton DENNING

Name: James Edward de Winton DENNING
Sex: Male
Birth 1851 Brecon, Wales

Child 3: Georgina Catherine Annie de Winton DENNING

Name: Georgina Catherine Annie de Winton DENNING
Sex: Female
Birth 1853 Brecon, Wales

Child 4: John Frederick Charles DENNING

Name: John Frederick Charles DENNING
Sex: Male
Birth 1855 Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Child 5: Ffolliot Vere DENNING

Name: Ffolliot Vere DENNING
Sex: Male
Birth 1857 Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Death 8 Jul 1926 (age 68-69) Chiswick, Middlesex
41 Elmwood Road
Probate to James Vere DENNING

Child 6: Ismena Margaret Isabella DENNING

Name: Ismena Margaret Isabella DENNING
Sex: Female
Birth 1858 Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Child 7: George Mouat Keith DENNING

Name: George Mouat Keith DENNING
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Sep 1861 Shrewsbury, Shropshire