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Family of John Henry Piller HITCHCOCK and Frances (Fanny) BONE

Husband: John Henry Piller HITCHCOCK (1840-1887)
Wife: Frances (Fanny) BONE (1842-1870)
Children: Kate Pillar HITCHCOCK (1864-1946)
John Henry Piller HITCHCOCK (1865-1906)
Thomas Reynolds Russel HITCHCOCK (1866-1936)
Henry John Piller HITCHCOCK (1868-1888)
Marie Amelia HITCHCOCK (1869-1942)
James HITCHCOCK (1869-1939)
Marriage 6 Dec 1863 Alverstoke, Hampshire

Husband: John Henry Piller HITCHCOCK

Name: John Henry Piller HITCHCOCK
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jun 1840 Woodbury, Devon
Census 1871 (age 30-31) Marylebone, Middlesex
26 Portland Place
Footman in the home of William and Mary BAINES - Merchant
Census 1881 (age 40-41) Basingstoke Hampshire
1 High Bank, Flaxfield
Occupation Tailor and Outfitter
Death Apr 1887 (age 46) Basingstoke Hampshire

Wife: Frances (Fanny) BONE

Name: Frances (Fanny) BONE
Sex: Female
Father: David BONE (1812-1869)
Mother: Amelia PHILLIS (1812-1887)
Birth Jun 1842 Basingstoke Hampshire
Census 1851 (age 8) Basingstoke Hampshire
18 Winton Street
Living with parents
Census 1861 (age 18) Basingstoke Hampshire
18 Winchester Road
Living with parents
Occupation 1861 (age 18) Dressmaker; Basingstoke Hampshire
18 Winchester Road
Death Apr 1870 (age 27) Basingstoke Hampshire

Child 1: Kate Pillar HITCHCOCK

Name: Kate Pillar HITCHCOCK
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick William SAMPSON (1861-1936)
Birth Mar 1864 Basingstoke Hampshire
Baptism 25 Sep 1867 (age 3) Basingstoke Hampshire
Census 1871 (age 7) Basingstoke Hampshire
1 North Downe Terrace
Living with Grandmother, Amelia
Census 1881 (age 17) Shanklin, IOW
Eaton Villa
Working for Aunt in Lodging house
Census 1891 (age 27) Shanklin, IOW
Crab Inn, High Street, Shanklin
Living with husband and brother in law
Census 1901 (age 37) Shanklin, IOW
Eaton Villa, Osborne Road
Lodging House Keeper. Also living with her were Bessie PURVER b 1881 a cousin and Ida HITCHCOCK b 1883 her sister and her Aunt Sarah BONE b 1845
Census 1911 (age 46-47) Shanklin, IOW
1 Mayfield Home, Chine Tea Rooms, High Street
Living with husband and cousin Laura Frances BONE (30)
Death 6 Nov 1946 (age 82) Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Saxonbury, Victoria Avenue

Child 2: John Henry Piller HITCHCOCK

Name: John Henry Piller HITCHCOCK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rosa Mary TRIMBEE (1872-1909)
Birth Jun 1865 Basingstoke Hampshire
Baptism 25 Sep 1867 (age 2) Basingstoke Hampshire
Occupation Plumber Apprentice
Census 1881 (age 15) Basingstoke Hampshire
1 Basing Road
Resident at his Aunt Sarah's. Basing Laundry
Census 1901 (age 35-36) Portsmouth, Hampshire
3 Inverness Road
Death Jul 1906 (age 41) Portsmouth, Hampshire

Child 3: Thomas Reynolds Russel HITCHCOCK

Name: Thomas Reynolds Russel HITCHCOCK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth ELLIOTT (1873-1950)
Birth Jul 1866 Basingstoke Hampshire
Baptism 25 Oct 1866 (age 0) Basingstoke Hampshire
Census 1891 (age 24-25) Basingstoke Hampshire
Church Street
Census 1901 (age 34-35) Basingstoke Hampshire
10 Clifton Terrace
Living with wife and family
Census 1911 (age 44-45) Basingstoke Hampshire
10 Clifton Terrace
Living with wife and family and brother Albert
Occupation Riveter (Iron Foundry)
Occupation 1911 (age 44-45) Railway - Engine Driver; Basingstoke Hampshire
Death Mar 1936 (age 69) Basingstoke Hampshire

Child 4: Henry John Piller HITCHCOCK

Name: Henry John Piller HITCHCOCK
Sex: Male
Birth Mar 1868 Basingstoke Hampshire
Census 1871 (age 2-3) Basingstoke Hampshire
3 Hesteria Terrace
Baptism 11 Jan 1877 (age 8) Basingstoke Hampshire
Death Oct 1888 (age 20) Basingstoke Hampshire

Child 5: Marie Amelia HITCHCOCK

Name: Marie Amelia HITCHCOCK
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arthur William STREVETT (1874-1937)
Birth Mar 1869 Basingstoke Hampshire
Baptism 11 Jan 1877 (age 7) Basingstoke Hampshire
Census 1881 (age 11-12) Shanklin, IOW
Eaton Villa
Staying with Aunt, Mary Ann
Census 1891 (age 22) Shanklin, IOW
With Aunt Mary Ann working in lodging house
Death 4 Jan 1942 (age 72) Portsea, Hampshire
61 St Georges Square

Child 6: James HITCHCOCK

Sex: Male
Spouse: Annie MASON (1863-1935)
Birth 29 Mar 1869 Basingstoke Hampshire
Baptism 2 Apr 1870 (age 1) Basingstoke Hampshire
Census 1871 (age 1-2) Basingstoke Hampshire
4 Western Terrace
Living with father John and brothers Thomas and Henry and sister Maria
Census 1881 (age 11-12) Basingstoke Hampshire
1 High Bank, Flaxfield
Living with Father and Stepmother Mary Ann and siblings
Census 1891 (age 21-22) Basingstoke Hampshire
Sarum Hill
Living with wife Annie and Grandmother Harriet HITCHCOCK (81) b. Devon
Census 1901 (age 31-32) Basingstoke Hampshire
40 Mortimer Lane
Living with wife and daughter and his sister Mary (17)
Census 1911 (age 41-42) Basingstoke Hampshire
28 Alexandra Road
Living with wife Annie
Census 1939 (age 69-70) Basingstoke Hampshire
Public Assistance Institution, Old Basing
Occupation House Painter
Death Dec 1939 (age 70) Basingstoke Hampshire