Family of William MINETT and Jemima SIMS

Husband: William MINETT (1780- )
Wife: Jemima SIMS (1789-1848)
Children: Joseph MINETT (1809-1853)
Julius Caesar MINETT (1815-1871)
William Edward MINETT (1818- )
Jemima Caroline MINETT (1820-1905)
Usebius Valentine MINETT (1822-1904)
Lavinia Louisa MINETT (1823-1887)
Alphonse Frederick MINETT (1825-1896)
Decimus MINETT (1830-1893)
Marriage 19 Jun 1809 Bristol, Gloucestershire

Husband: William MINETT

Name: William MINETT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1780 England
Occupation Lamp Manufacturer
Census 1850 (age 69-70) Jefferson, Kentucky
Louisville Didtrict 3
Living with Decimus Minett (26) and William J Taylor and his wife Jemima (26) and grandaughter Jemima (2)

Wife: Jemima SIMS

Name: Jemima SIMS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 27 Feb 1789 Cam, Gloucestershire
Emigration 1841 (age 51-52) from London to New Orleans, USA
Jemima arrived in New Orleans from London SS Cabinet with 2 daughters and a son. We know Alphonse stayed in England so Julius and Lavinia were probably with her. ? the second daughter
Census 1841 (age 51-52) Tower Hamlets, Middlesex
Stable Yard, St Georges
Census not completely readable. But defintely Jemima plus two girls aged 15 and a boy aged 10. Ist girl possibley Jemima
Death 10 Sep 1848 (age 59) Jefferson, Kentucky

Child 1: Joseph MINETT


Joseph MINETT, 1853, age 44

Name: Joseph MINETT
Sex: Male
Birth 1809
Death 1853 (age 43-44) Jersey City, New jersey, USA
Burial 23 Sep 1853 Lousiville, Kentucky, USA

Child 2: Julius Caesar MINETT

Name: Julius Caesar MINETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah THOMPSON (1816-1896)
Birth 30 Dec 1815 Newington, Surrey
Census 1850 (age 34-35) Jefferson, Kentucky
Louisville District 3
Living with wife and children. Described as Varnish Agent
Death 12 Jan 1871 (age 55) Rotherfield Peppard, Oxfordshire
The Manor House
Formerly of Aquackanock, County of Passaic and State of New Jersey, USA

Child 3: William Edward MINETT

Name: William Edward MINETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: [unnamed person] ( - )
Birth 2 Mar 1818 Newington, Surrey

Child 4: Jemima Caroline MINETT

Name: Jemima Caroline MINETT
Sex: Female
Spouse: William J TAYLOR (1812- )
Birth 29 Sep 1820 Southwark, Surrey
Prospect Place, St Georges Fields
Census 1850 (age 29-30) Jefferson, Kentucky, USA
Living with husband and daughter in home of her Father together with her brother decimus
Death 5 May 1905 (age 84) Fayette County, Kentucky, USA
Cause: Obstruction of Bowel
Address: Insane Asylum

Child 5: Usebius Valentine MINETT

Name: Usebius Valentine MINETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susan WALL (1833-1920)
Birth 12 Feb 1822 Southwark. London
Emigration 1841 (age 18-19) from Southwark, Surrey to Kentucky, USA
Census 1870 (age 47-48) Kenton, Kentucky, USA
Bueno Vista
Living with wife Susan and children Julius, Jemima & Susan. Magdeline WALL also in residence. Also here in 1860 census
Census 1880 (age 57-58) Kenton, Kentucky, USA
Main Street, Covington
Living with wife Susan and children Carolina, Magdeline, Lily and Susan
Census 1900 (age 77-78) Jefferson, Kentucky
Louisville Didtrict 3
Death 20 May 1904 (age 82) Jefferson, Kentucky, USA

Child 6: Lavinia Louisa MINETT

Name: Lavinia Louisa MINETT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Aaron S WINANS (1810-1886)
Birth 27 Dec 1823 Southwark, Surrey
London Road, St George the Martyr
Baptism 28 Mar 1824 (age 0) Southwark. London
Death 27 Nov 1887 (age 63) Olney, Illinois, USA

Child 7: Alphonse Frederick MINETT

Name: Alphonse Frederick MINETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sophia COOKE (1822-1893)
Birth 5 Dec 1825 Southwark, Surrey
London Road, St George the Martyr
Census 1861 (age 35-36) Islington, London
North London Soap Works
Living with wife Sophia (39)
Occupation btw 1861 and 1896 (age 35-71) Soap Maker
Employing 6 people
Census 1871 (age 45-46) Islington, London
North London Soap Works
Living with wife Sophia and sons, Julius, Joseph and William Henry
Census 1881 (age 55-56) Islington, London
North London Soap Works
Living with wife Sophia
Death 1 Feb 1896 (age 70) Kings Cross, London
Brandon Road, York Road
Probate to Eleanor Sears MINETT wife of Joseph MINETT. Estate Value 400 pounds

Child 8: Decimus MINETT

Name: Decimus MINETT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth THOMPSON ( - )
Birth 1830 England
Occupation Coach Maker
Death 7 Dec 1893 (age 62-63) Jefferson, Kentucky, USA