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Family of James STREDWICK and Hariett MAXFIELD

Husband: James STREDWICK (1809-1855)
Wife: Hariett MAXFIELD (1802-1862)
Children: William Thomas Aldersley STREDWICK (1836-1871)
Harriett STREDWICK (1838- )
Bertha Sarah STREDWICK (1840-1864)
Nathan STREDWICK (1841- )
Marriage 25 Dec 1835 Canterbury Kent

Husband: James STREDWICK

Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Aldersey STREDWICK (1781-1844)
Mother: Ann HOLMES ( - )
Birth 30 Apr 1809 St Mildreds, Canterbury Kent
Occupation Master Butcher
Census 1841 (age 31-32) Canterbury Kent
St George Street, St George the Martyr
Living with wife Hariett and children plus george ELPHICK b. 1921
Census 1851 (age 41-42) Canterbury Kent
7, St Georges Street, St George the Martyr
Living with wife and children William and Nathan
Death Oct 1855 (age 46) Canterbury Kent

Wife: Hariett MAXFIELD

Name: Hariett MAXFIELD
Sex: Female
Father: James MAXFIELD (1771-1804)
Mother: Elizabeth FE(A)VER (1769-1863)
Birth 3 Oct 1802 St Margarets, Canterbury Kent
Census 1851 (age 48-49) St Georges, Canterbury Kent
7 St Georges Street
Death 8 Jun 1862 (age 59) St Georges, Canterbury Kent

Child 1: William Thomas Aldersley STREDWICK

Name: William Thomas Aldersley STREDWICK
Sex: Male
Birth 25 Dec 1836 Canterbury Kent
Death 1 Jun 1871 (age 34) St Gregory, Canterbury Kent

Child 2: Harriett STREDWICK

Name: Harriett STREDWICK
Sex: Female
Birth 1838 Canterbury Kent
Census 1851 (age 12-13) Ramsgate, Kent
34 Hardres Street

Child 3: Bertha Sarah STREDWICK

Name: Bertha Sarah STREDWICK
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1840 Canterbury Kent
Death Oct 1864 (age 23-24) St Gregory, Canterbury Kent

Child 4: Nathan STREDWICK

Name: Nathan STREDWICK
Sex: Female
Birth 1841 Canterbury Kent