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Family of John Charles DALRYMPLE-HAY Baronet and Eliza NAPIER

Husband: John Charles DALRYMPLE-HAY Baronet (1821-1912)
Wife: Eliza NAPIER (1822-1901)
Children: James Francis DALRYMPLE-HAY (1848- )
William Archibald DALRYMPLE-HAY (1851- )
Eveline Eliza DALRYMPLE-HAY (1852- )
Mary Elizabeth DALRYMPLE-HAY (1856- )
Mabel Lucy DALRYMPLE-HAY (1859-1900)
Elinor A DALRYMPLE-HAY (1863- )
Violet Susan DALRYMPLE-HAY (1868- )
Marriage 18 Aug 1847 Ettrick, Selkirk, Scotland

Husband: John Charles DALRYMPLE-HAY Baronet

Name: John Charles DALRYMPLE-HAY Baronet
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 11 Feb 1821 Old Luce, Wigton, Scotland
Census 1881 (age 59-60) St George Hanover Square, London
108 St Georges Square
Living with children
Occupation Royal Navy - Admiral retired
Death 28 Jan 1912 (age 90) St Georges Hanover Square
108 St Georges Square

Wife: Eliza NAPIER

Name: Eliza NAPIER
Sex: Female
Father: William John NAPIER, 9th Lord NAPIER (1786-1834)
Mother: Elizabeth COCHRANE-JOHNSTONE (1795-1883)
Birth 26 Sep 1822 Ettrick, Selkirk, Scotland
Death 2 Apr 1901 (age 78) St Georges, Hanover Square, London

Child 1: James Francis DALRYMPLE-HAY

Name: James Francis DALRYMPLE-HAY
Sex: Male
Birth 9 Jul 1848 Scotland

Child 2: William Archibald DALRYMPLE-HAY

Name: William Archibald DALRYMPLE-HAY
Sex: Male
Birth 8 Mar 1851 Edinburgh, Scotland

Child 3: Eveline Eliza DALRYMPLE-HAY

Name: Eveline Eliza DALRYMPLE-HAY
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Jun 1852 Ettrick, Selkirk, Scotland

Child 4: Mary Elizabeth DALRYMPLE-HAY

Name: Mary Elizabeth DALRYMPLE-HAY
Sex: Female
Birth 1856 Old Luce, Wigton, Scotland

Child 5: Mabel Lucy DALRYMPLE-HAY

Name: Mabel Lucy DALRYMPLE-HAY
Sex: Female
Birth 1859 Nova Scotia, Canada
Death 24 Jan 1900 (age 40-41) Glenluce, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

Child 6: Elinor A DALRYMPLE-HAY

Sex: Female
Birth 1863 Brompton, Middlesex

Child 7: Violet Susan DALRYMPLE-HAY

Name: Violet Susan DALRYMPLE-HAY
Sex: Female
Birth 3 Apr 1868 Old Luce, Wigton, Scotland