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Family of Thomas Charles CADE and Eliza Jane TOWLE

Husband: Thomas Charles CADE (1809-1894)
Wife: Eliza Jane TOWLE (1812-1889)
Children: Emily Elizabeth CADE (1843-1922)
Anna Maria CADE (1846-1917)
Isobel Mary CADE (1847-1864)
Charles James CADE (1850-1917)
Lucy Romana CADE (1852-1940)
Francis Joseph CADE (1854-1912)
Marriage 5 Jan 1843 Ockbrook, Derbyshire

Husband: Thomas Charles CADE

Name: Thomas Charles CADE
Sex: Male
Father: James CADE (1771-1840)
Mother: Romana Anna WRIGHT (1774-1837)
Birth 16 Jul 1809 Spondon Derbyshire
Occupation Medical Practitioner - Surgeon
Census 1891 (age 81-82) Spondon, Derbyshire
Moor Street
Widower. Living with daughters Emily and Lucy. Anna M LOTT visiting
Death 23 Apr 1894 (age 84) Spondon, Derbyshire
Homestead, Moor Street
Probate to Charles James; Francis Joseph; and Emily Elizabeth CADE

Wife: Eliza Jane TOWLE

Name: Eliza Jane TOWLE
Sex: Female
Father: John TOWLE (1786-1865)
Mother: Elizabeth HARRISON (1791-1849)
Birth Dec 1812 Draycote, Derbyshire
Census 1861 (age 48-49) Spondon, Derbyshire
Living with husband Thomas and children. Mary Hannah TOWLE and Caroline Louise RITCHIE visiting.
Census 1871 (age 58-59) Spondon, Derbyshire
Moor Street
Living with husband Thomas and children Emily; Anna, Charles; Lucy. Margaret H DOWNES visiting
Census 1881 (age 68-69) Spondon, Derbyshire
Homestead, Moor Street
Living with husband Thomas and children Emily, Hannah and Charles. Margaret H DOWNES still visiting
Death 22 Dec 1889 (age 76-77) Spondon, Derbyshire
Administration to husband Thomas

Child 1: Emily Elizabeth CADE

Name: Emily Elizabeth CADE
Sex: Female
Birth 26 Nov 1843 Spondon, Derbyshire
Death Jun 1922 (age 78) Shardlow, Derbyshire

Child 2: Anna Maria CADE

Name: Anna Maria CADE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick Barnes LOTT (1854-1939)
Birth 3 May 1846 Spondon, Derbyshire
Census 1891 (age 44-45) Spondon, Derbyshire
Moor Street
Visiting her parents
Census 1901 (age 54-55) Paddington, London
Great Western Hotel
Census 1911 (age 64-65) Leicester, Leicestershire
Taegbaeg, Stoneygate Avenue
Living with husband Frederick
Death 30 Jun 1917 (age 71) Leicester, Leicestershire
7 Stoneygate Close
Probate to Frederick Barnes LOTT her husband

Child 3: Isobel Mary CADE

Name: Isobel Mary CADE
Sex: Female
Birth 3 Oct 1847 Spondon Derbyshire
Census 1861 (age 13-14) Spondon, Derbyshire
Living with parents
Death Jul 1864 (age 16) Paris, FRANCE
Rue de Rocher, Montmartre

Child 4: Charles James CADE

Name: Charles James CADE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Rowena Elizabeth Casterton SMELT (1859-1946)
Birth 17 Feb 1850 Spondon, Derbyshire
Occupation Cotton Spinner Manager
Census 1901 (age 50-51) Spondon, Derbyshire
The Homestead, 23 Sitwell Street
Census 1911 (age 60-61) Prestbury Gloucestershire
Living with wife and family.Norah Ellen Foxon SMELT also in residence
Death Jan 1917 (age 66) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Child 5: Lucy Romana CADE

Name: Lucy Romana CADE
Sex: Female
Birth 15 May 1852 Spondon, Derbyshire
Census 1911 (age 58-59) Oxford, Oxfordshire
77 Iffley Road
Living alone on private means
Census 1939 (age 86-87) Dursley, Gloucestershire
3 Westfields, Wotton on Edge
Living in home of Alice M B CHAMBERS
Death 8 Feb 1940 (age 87) Rotherhithe, Kent
10 Holyoake House, Trinity Road
Died at 3 Westfields, Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire.probate to Sir Jesse William HIND, solicitor. Estate value 12565 pounds

Child 6: Francis Joseph CADE

Name: Francis Joseph CADE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eleanor Agnes NOEL (1860-1928)
Birth 15 Oct 1854 Spondon, Derbyshire
Occupation Schoolmaster
Census 1891 (age 36-37) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Thirlestaine Villa, Bath Road
Census 1911 (age 56-57) Bournemouth, Dorset
Rawdon, Hinton Road
Living with his wife
Death Oct 1912 (age 57-58) Christchurch Hampshire