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Family of Thomas Atkinson GILLESPIE and Emily Mary WOOD

Husband: Thomas Atkinson GILLESPIE (1965-1943)
Wife: Emily Mary WOOD (1863-1943)
Children: Gordon Wood GILLESPIE (1893-1917)
Leslie Herbert Gray GILLESPIE (1897-1917)
Kenneth Thomas Graywood GILLESPIE (1905- )
Marriage Jan 1893 Canterbury Kent

Husband: Thomas Atkinson GILLESPIE

Name: Thomas Atkinson GILLESPIE
Sex: Male
Father: William GILLESPIE ( - )
Mother: Jane GRAY ( - )
Census 1911 (age -55--54) Willesden, Middlesex
31 Chambers Lane
Living with his wife Emily and three sons.
Death Dec 1943 (age -22) Willesden, Middlesex
Birth 3 Feb 1965 Coatbridge Lanarkshire, Scotland
Occupation Merchants Accountant

Wife: Emily Mary WOOD

Name: Emily Mary WOOD
Sex: Female
Father: Henry Simon WOOD (1834-1917)
Mother: Mary JENNINGS (1835-1914)
Birth 26 Jan 1863 St Alphage, Canterbury Kent
17 Sun Street
Census 1881 (age 17) St Alphage, Canterbury Kent
17 Sun Street
Described as an Apprentice
Census 1891 (age 27-28) Uxbridge, Middlesex
30, 31 High Street and 57 58 and 59 Winders Street
Showroom Assistant
Census 1901 (age 37-38) Hornsey, Middlesex
19 Osborne Road
Living with husband and children Gordon and Leslie
Census 1911 (age 47-48) Willesden, Middlesex
31 Chambers Lane
Living with husband and children, Gordon, Leslie and Kenneth
Census 1939 (age 75-76) Willesden, Middlesex
31 Chambers Lane
Living with husband Thomas
Death Mar 1943 (age 80) Willesden, Middlesex

Child 1: Gordon Wood GILLESPIE

Name: Gordon Wood GILLESPIE
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Jul 1893 Hornsey, London
Residence 9 Aug 1916 (age 23) Willesden Green, London
Denwood, Chambers Lane
Awarded his Flying Certificate while serving with 2nd Middlesex Battalion on Maurice Farman Biplane
Death 13 Apr 1917 (age 23) Killed in Action in France
Probate to father Thomas - 167 pounds

Child 2: Leslie Herbert Gray GILLESPIE

Name: Leslie Herbert Gray GILLESPIE
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1897 Highbury, Middlesex
Occupation Royal Navy - Sub Lieut R.N.A.S
Death 2 Dec 1917 (age 20) Killed whilst flying
Sub Lieut aboard HMS Ark Royal in Greece. Probate to father - 137 pounds

Child 3: Kenneth Thomas Graywood GILLESPIE


Kenneth Thomas Graywood GILLESPIE, 1939, age 33

Name: Kenneth Thomas Graywood GILLESPIE
Sex: Male
Spouse: May Rosetta Sarah LAND (1905- )
Birth 11 Oct 1905 Stroud Green, London
Residence 2 Jun 1939 (age 33) Bromley, Kent
185 Bourne Vale
Obtained his flying certificate at Horton Kirby Flying School 2 Jun 1939 on D. H. Gypsy Moth Mk 2
Occupation Opthalmic Optician
Census 1939 (age 33-34) Willesden, Middlesex
31 Chambers Lane
Living with wife and parents
Residence 1947 (age 41-42) Willesden Green, London
31 Chambers Lane
Living with wife May
Emigration 14 Jul 1960 (age 54) from Bromley, Kent to New Zealand
460 Bromley Road
Travelled on SS Gothic with his wife May
Residence 1969 (age 63-64) Aukland, New Zealand
44 Craig Road, Omana, Manurewa
Living with his wife May and son Gordon Leslie
Residence btw 1978 and 1981 (age 72-76) North Land, Bay of Islands, New Zealand
24 Hillcrest Road, Kaikohe
Living with wife and son Gordon