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Family of William Henry T TROLLOPE and Maria ARTHUR-WORSOP

Husband: William Henry T TROLLOPE (1800-1873)
Wife: Maria ARTHUR-WORSOP (1809-1891)
Children: Arthur Barnard TROLLOPE (1836-1872)
Henry Anthony TROLLOPE (1837-1895)
George Mark Cotton TROLLOPE (1839-1845)
William Martin TROLLOPE (1841-1843)
Mary Anna TROLLOPE (1841-1897)
Eliza Maria TROLLOPE (1842-1929)
Richard Brunton TROLLOPE (1844-1865)
John Charles TROLLOPE (1846-1847)
Edward Charles TROLLOPE (1849-1904)
Marriage 30 Jul 1834 Landford Wiltshire

Husband: William Henry T TROLLOPE

Name: William Henry T TROLLOPE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 4 Apr 1800 Westminster, London
St James
Occupation Honourable East India Company, Army Captain
Death 24 Sep 1873 (age 73)


Sex: Female
Father: John ARTHUR-WORSOP (1783-1851)
Mother: Harriet Hesse TOPHAM (1786-1810)
Birth 1 Jul 1809 Brandsburton, Yorkshire
Census 1851 (age 41-42) Southampton, Hampshire
Grosvenor Villa
Living with her husband William and son Arthur in home of her Father
Census 1861 (age 51-52) Alderbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Brickworth House, Whiteparish
Living with husband and children Mary, Eliza and Edward
Census 1891 (age 81-82) Downton, Wiltshire
Widow.Visitor in home of Frederick & Mary BRADBURN. Charles TROLLOPE her son with her.
Death 19 May 1891 (age 81) Lyburn, nr Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Proabte to Henry Anthonyand Edward Charles her sons

Child 1: Arthur Barnard TROLLOPE

Name: Arthur Barnard TROLLOPE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Isabella BURTON (1816-1875)
Birth 31 Jul 1836 Eling, Hampshire, England
Census 1861 (age 24-25)
Census 1871 (age 34-35) Beverley, Yorkshire
Railway Street
Living with wife Isabella
Occupation Clergyman
Death 22 Apr 1872 (age 35) Beverley, Yorkshire
Proved by Widow Isabella

Child 2: Henry Anthony TROLLOPE

Name: Henry Anthony TROLLOPE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Harriet HARRISON (1826-1912)
Birth 30 Sep 1837 Landford Wiltshire
Occupation Royal Navy - Captain, later Rear Admiral
Census 1871 (age 33-34) Whiteparish, Wiltshire
Brickworth House
Death 6 Mar 1895 (age 57) Ganton, Yorkshire
Cause: Killed on Railway Station at Ganton after playing golf there

Child 3: George Mark Cotton TROLLOPE

Name: George Mark Cotton TROLLOPE
Sex: Male
Birth 17 Sep 1839 Landford Wiltshire
Death Nov 1845 (age 6) Landford Wiltshire

Child 4: William Martin TROLLOPE

Name: William Martin TROLLOPE
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Feb 1841 Landford Wiltshire
Death Apr 1843 (age 2) Landford Wiltshire

Child 5: Mary Anna TROLLOPE

Name: Mary Anna TROLLOPE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick Ashe BRADBURNE (1838-1913)
Birth 16 Feb 1841 Landford Wiltshire
Census 1851 (age 9-10) Romsey, Hampshire
East Dean
Described as Head of Household (10 years old) living with her sister Eliza and brothers Richard Brunton and Edward Charles
Census 1861 (age 19-20) Alderbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Salisbury Road, Whiteparish
Living with parents
Census 1871 (age 29-30) Downton, Wiltshire
Lyburn House
Living with husband and children Frederick and Henry. Mother in Law and sister in law also in residence
Census 1891 (age 49-50) Downton, Wiltshire
Lyburn House
Living with husband Arthur and children Henry John & Charles. Charles E her brother and Maria TROLLOPE her Mother also in residence
Death 15 Sep 1897 (age 56) Lyburn, nr Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Died at 27 Onslow Gardens, Middlesex

Child 6: Eliza Maria TROLLOPE

Name: Eliza Maria TROLLOPE
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Goodwin Pownall GLOSSOP (1827-1874)
Birth Apr 1842 Landford Wiltshire
Census 1861 (age 18-19) Alderbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Brickworth House
Living with parents
Census 1871 (age 28-29) Twickenham, Middlesex
Amyand House
Living with husband and children
Census 1881 (age 38-39) Twickenham, Middlesex
Newland House
Widow. Living with children
Census 1891 (age 48-49) Twickenham, Middlesex
Newland House
Widowed. Living with daughters Ellen & Alice
Census 1911 (age 68-69) Richmond Surrey
19 Montague Road
Widowed. Living alone
Death 14 Feb 1929 (age 86) Kensington, London
47 Abingdon Court
Probate to Rev Charles Henry James GLOSSOP, John Collins Taswell GLOSSOP Retd Vice Admiral & Frereick William CAPE

Child 7: Richard Brunton TROLLOPE

Name: Richard Brunton TROLLOPE
Sex: Male
Birth 21 Jan 1844 Landford Wiltshire
Census 1851 (age 6-7) Winchester, Hampshire
East Dean
Living with sister and siblings
Occupation Royal Navy - Sub Lieutenant
Death 8 May 1865 (age 21) Sydney Australia
HMS Curacoa
Probate to his Father William Henry of Brickworth House, Whiteparish, Wilts

Child 8: John Charles TROLLOPE

Name: John Charles TROLLOPE
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1846 Landford Wiltshire
Death Mar 1847 (age 0) Landford Wiltshire

Child 9: Edward Charles TROLLOPE

Name: Edward Charles TROLLOPE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Louisa Sarah PIPON (1846-1882)
Spouse 2: Eva Annie Noel RICH (1857-1924)
Birth Sep 1849 Landford Wiltshire
Occupation Army - Captain
Census 1861 (age 11-12) Whiteparish, Wiltshire
Brickworth House
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 31-32) Downton, Wiltshire
Lyburn House
Visiting his sister and brother in law with his Mother Maria A.
Death 23 Feb 1904 (age 54) Westminster, London
167 Victoria Street
Died at Cedar Court, Roehampton, Surrey. Proabte to wife Eva