Family of John William RAMSEY and Louisa ARTHUR-WORSOP

Husband: John William RAMSEY ( - )
Wife: Louisa ARTHUR-WORSOP ( - )
Children: Louisa Eliza RAMSEY (1832-1902)

Husband: John William RAMSEY

Name: John William RAMSEY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Occupation Army - Captain


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Louisa Eliza RAMSEY

Name: Louisa Eliza RAMSEY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Mainwaring ARTHUR-WORSOP (1829-1869)
Birth 25 Apr 1832 Cannamore, Bangalore, India
Occupation Retired Artist and Painter
Immigration 27 Sep 1860 (age 28) to Southampton from Madras India
Departed Madras on SS Candia with 4 children
Census 1871 (age 38-39) Hampstead Middlesex
140 Belsize Road
Living with sons, John A, Nainwaring G A, Augustus L A and daughters Ella L A and Mary A A. Clarance M GRAY, nephew and a visitor Augusta L A GRAY age 35, unmarried, annuitat
Death 13 Jul 1902 (age 70) West Ham, Essex
Probate to Sydney SHAM, Solicitor