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Family of William MARRATT and Jane Mauleverer ARTHUR-WORSOP

Husband: William MARRATT (1818-1881)
Wife: Jane Mauleverer ARTHUR-WORSOP (1827-1909)
Children: Sarah Jane Arthur MARRATT (1851-1907)
William Mainwaring MARRATT (1852-1853)
Richard Arthur Worsop MARRATT (1854-1872)
Julian Frederick MARRATT (1855-1855)
Emma Frances MARRATT (1857- )
Julia Mauleverer Arthur MARRATT (1858-1909)
Elizabeth Laura MARRATT (1860- )
Marriage 30 Apr 1850 Easingwold, Yorkshire

Husband: William MARRATT

Name: William MARRATT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 31 Oct 1818 Wells Street, Mary le Bone, Middlessex
Occupation Legal Profession - County Coroner & Solicitor
Indenture 19 Mar 1834 (age 15) Doncaster, Yorkshire
Entered into articles with Thomas Blackwell MASON, Attorney
Death 21 Jan 1881 (age 62) Slough, Buckinghamshire
Probate to Alfred TAYLOR, Solicitor to Emma Frances VASSEUR

Wife: Jane Mauleverer ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: Jane Mauleverer ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Female
Father: Richard ARTHUR-WORSOP (1781-1835)
Mother: Mary Ann MOAT (1793-1849)
Birth 18 Mar 1827 Howden, Yorkshire
Census 1851 (age 23-24) Doncaster, Yorkshire
Living with husband. Maria Louise COBBOLD was a visitor
Census 1901 (age 73-74) Godstone, Surrey
Paynesfield Road
Living with Son in Law and daughter Julia M A
Death Oct 1909 (age 82) Tatsfield, Surrey
Probate to Mary A A LLOYD wife of Horace Watson LLOYD and to attorney of Emma Frances VASSEUR

Child 1: Sarah Jane Arthur MARRATT

Name: Sarah Jane Arthur MARRATT
Sex: Female
Birth Jun 1851 Doncaster, Yorkshire
Death 4 Jan 1907 (age 55) HM Prison, Holloway
Proabte to Emma Frances VASSEUR wife of Charles VASSEUR

Child 2: William Mainwaring MARRATT

Name: William Mainwaring MARRATT
Sex: Male
Birth Oct 1852 Coxwold, Yorkshire
Death 1853 (age 0-1) Doncaster, Yorkshire

Child 3: Richard Arthur Worsop MARRATT

Name: Richard Arthur Worsop MARRATT
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1854 Doncaster, Yorkshire
Death 23 Mar 1872 (age 18) At Sea
Drowned after falling from the foreyard of the Erycina on passage from Leith to Valparaiso. Unable to swim. Reported in the Shields Daily Gazette of 30 Aug 1872, Information found in Find My Past.

Child 4: Julian Frederick MARRATT

Name: Julian Frederick MARRATT
Sex: Male
Birth 14 Jun 1855 Doncaster, Yorkshire
Death 1855 (age 0) Doncaster, Yorkshire

Child 5: Emma Frances MARRATT

Name: Emma Frances MARRATT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles VASSEUR ( - )
Birth Jan 1857 Bentley nr Doncaster, Yorkshire

Child 6: Julia Mauleverer Arthur MARRATT

Name: Julia Mauleverer Arthur MARRATT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Mainwaring George ARTHUR-WORSOP (1851-1906)
Birth Oct 1858 Bentley nr Doncaster, Yorkshire
Census 1901 (age 42-43) Godstone, Surrey
Death 20 Nov 1909 (age 51) Tatsfield Surrey

Child 7: Elizabeth Laura MARRATT

Name: Elizabeth Laura MARRATT
Sex: Female
Birth 18 Jun 1860 Doncaster, Yorkshire