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Family of William Joseph HOLT and Florence Alexandra Mary NEWLANDS

Husband: William Joseph HOLT (1860-1931)
Wife: Florence Alexandra Mary NEWLANDS (1863-1898)
Children: Harold William J HOLT (1887-1924)
Leslie Frederick HOLT (1890-1968)
Douglas Reina HOLT (1893-1967)
Vita Florence Doris HOLT (1898-1980)
Marriage 20 Sep 1886 Hackney, Middlesex

Husband: William Joseph HOLT

Name: William Joseph HOLT
Sex: Male
Father: William Saunders HOLT (1831-1874)
Mother: Hannah Elizabeth STILL (1836-1877)
Birth Jan 1860 Southwark. London
Occupation Photo Engraver, Engineer, Manager
Census 1891 (age 30-31) Barnet, Middlesex
16 The Avenue, South Mimms
Living with wife Florence and children - Harold and Leslie and his sister Florence (25)
Census 1901 (age 40-41) Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire
Fairholme, Manor Road
Living with his wife Alice and children Leslie, Douglas, Vita and Walter
Occupation c. 1929 (age 68-69) Cabaret Artist
Death Jan 1931 (age 70-71) Barnet, Middlesex

Wife: Florence Alexandra Mary NEWLANDS

Name: Florence Alexandra Mary NEWLANDS
Sex: Female
Father: John Alexander Reina NEWLANDS (1837-1898)
Mother: Emily Elizabeth Jane RICHINGS (1837-1926)
Birth 10 Mar 1863 Newington, Surrey
Death 19 Jun 1898 (age 35) Barnet, Middlesex

Child 1: Harold William J HOLT

Name: Harold William J HOLT
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1887 Walthamstow, Essex
Death Oct 1924 (age 37) Barnet, Middlesex

Child 2: Leslie Frederick HOLT

Name: Leslie Frederick HOLT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margery A OWEN (1892-1968)
Birth 9 Mar 1890 High Barnet, Middlesex
Census 1939 (age 48-49) Barnet, Middlesex
Living with wife Margery A
Death Jan 1968 (age 77) Enfield, Middlesex

Child 3: Douglas Reina HOLT

Name: Douglas Reina HOLT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Violet Beatrice Anne STYLE (1902-1998)
Birth 13 Oct 1893 Barnet, Middlesex
Census 1911 (age 17-18) Barnet, Middlesex
Fairholme, Manor Road
Living with Father and stepmother Alice
Census 1939 (age 45-46) Hendon, Middlesex
131 Station Road
Living with wife Violet
Occupation Master Engineer, Motor
Death Apr 1967 (age 73) Southwark. London

Child 4: Vita Florence Doris HOLT

Name: Vita Florence Doris HOLT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Guy Ynyr Llewellyn LLOYD (1887-1944)
Birth 4 Jun 1898 Chippimg Barnet, Hertfordshire
Census 1939 (age 40-41) Hatfield, Hertfordshire
27 Moffats Lane
Living with husband Guy and 1 redacted record
Death Jun 1980 (age 81-82) Hove, Sussex

Note on Husband: William Joseph HOLT

Note Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire is a Parish within the borough of Barnet, Middlesex