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Family of John CHESTERMAN and Ann BRADLEY

Husband: John CHESTERMAN (1847-1901)
Wife: Ann BRADLEY (1851-1923)
Children: Henry John CHESTERMAN (1876-1930)
Fanny CHESTERMAN (1877- )
Kate CHESTERMAN (1878- )
Albert Harry CHESTERMAN (1882- )
George CHESTERMAN (1884- )
Beatrice Victoria CHESTERMAN (1887-1970)
Florence May CHESTERMAN (1890-1976)
Annie Gertrude CHESTERMAN (1894-1976)
Marriage Oct 1876 Basingstoke Hampshire

Husband: John CHESTERMAN

Sex: Male
Father: George CHESTERMAN (1814-1889)
Mother: Sarah GILES (1820-1899)
Birth Jul 1847 Pamber, Hampshire
Census 1861 (age 13) Pamber, Hampshire
Racketts Farm
Census 1871 (age 23) pamber, Hampshire
Racketts Farm
Census 1881 (age 33-34) Basingstoke Hampshire
Church Street
Living with wife Ann and children - Henry John, Fanny, Kate and George
Census 1891 (age 43-44) Basingstoke Hampshire
Church Street
Living with Ann and children - Henry J, Kate, Albert, George, Beatrice and Florence
Occupation General Labourer
Death Apr 1901 (age 53) Basingstoke Hampshire


Sex: Female
Father: John BRADLEY (1818- )
Mother: -
Birth Oct 1851 Sherborne St John, Hampshire
Census 1901 (age 49-50) Basingstoke Hampshire
71 Church Street
Living with Children - George, Albert H, Beatrice V, Florence and Annie G
Census 1911 (age 59-60) Basingstoke Hampshire
21 Essex Road
Living with children - Beatrice V, Florence M, Annie J, Albert C
Death Oct 1923 (age 71-72) Basingstoke Hampshire

Child 1: Henry John CHESTERMAN

Name: Henry John CHESTERMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen May GOODGER (1875-1918)
Birth 1876 Sherborne St John, Hampshire
Census 1901 (age 24-25) Basingstoke Hampshire
133 May Street
Census 1911 (age 34-35) Barnstaple, Devon
8 Clifton Street
Occupation Railway Carriage Examiner
Death 13 Jul 1930 (age 53-54) Basingstoke Hampshire
79 May Street
Probate to Alfred Cecil James FRANKUM and Beatrice Victoria CHESTERMAN spinster

Child 2: Fanny CHESTERMAN

Sex: Female
Birth 1877 Sherborne St John, Hampshire

Child 3: Kate CHESTERMAN

Sex: Female
Birth Jul 1878 Basingstoke Hampshire
Census 1901 (age 22-23) Paddington, London
64 Queensborough Terrace
Working as housemaid in home of Peter H EDLIN, KC Barrister

Child 4: Albert Harry CHESTERMAN

Name: Albert Harry CHESTERMAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1882 Basingstoke Hampshire

Child 5: George CHESTERMAN

Sex: Male
Birth 1884 Basingstoke Hampshire

Child 6: Beatrice Victoria CHESTERMAN

Name: Beatrice Victoria CHESTERMAN
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Jun 1887 Basingstoke Hampshire
Death Dec 1970 (age 83) Basingstoke Hampshire

Child 7: Florence May CHESTERMAN

Name: Florence May CHESTERMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick POTTER (1896- )
Birth 22 Jan 1890 Basingstoke Hampshire
Death Mar 1976 (age 86) Surrey North Western

Child 8: Annie Gertrude CHESTERMAN

Name: Annie Gertrude CHESTERMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Herbert James STARK (1889-1970)
Birth 26 Mar 1894 Basingstoke Hampshire
Death Dec 1976 (age 82) Southampton, Hampshire