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Family of James BRIDGEMAN and Kate KEMP

Husband: James BRIDGEMAN (1872-1918)
Wife: Kate KEMP (1871-1946)
Children: William Bertram BRIDGEMAN (1893-1958)
Alfred James BRIDGEMAN (1898-1959)
Ernest Victor BRIDGEMAN (1902-1995)
Marriage Jul 1893 Kingsclere, Hampshire

Husband: James BRIDGEMAN

Sex: Male
Father: George BRIDGEMAN (1843-1899)
Mother: Mary RICHINGS (1842-1911)
Birth Apr 1872 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Census 1901 (age 28-29) Wolverton, Hampshire
Living with wife Kate and sons, William and Alfred
Occupation Farmworker - Carter on Farm
Census 1911 (age 38-39) Ewhurst, Hampshire
Ewhurst Park Farm Cottages
Living with wife Kate and children
Death Apr 1918 (age 45-46) Kingsclere, Hampshire

Wife: Kate KEMP

Name: Kate KEMP
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 20 Mar 1871 East Oakley, Hampshire
Census 1939 (age 67-68) Kingsclere, Hampshire
The Nook, Baughurst Road
Death Apr 1946 (age 75) Kingsclere, Hampshire

Child 1: William Bertram BRIDGEMAN

Name: William Bertram BRIDGEMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elsie Mary BARTLETT (1893-1983)
Birth 30 Sep 1893 Hannington, Hampshire
Census 1911 (age 17-18) Ewhurst Wolverton, Hampshire
Ewhurst Park Farm Cottages
Living with parents. Emplyed as a Cow Man
Enlistment 16 Nov 1919 (age 26) Wolverton, Hampshire
Served in First World War in France 1915 - 1918. Re-enlisted 10 Apr 1921 and discharged from the Army 15 Nov 1934. Address on discharge was Hollybush, Ramsdale, nr Basingstoke.
Census 1939 (age 45-46) Cookham, Berkshire
The Cottage, Foxleigh Grove, Touchen End
Living with wife Elsie.
Occupation Cowman
Death Jun 1958 (age 64) Maidenhead, Berkshire

Child 2: Alfred James BRIDGEMAN

Name: Alfred James BRIDGEMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Winifred Violet WILLIS (1900-1948)
Birth 22 May 1898 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Ewhurst Wolverton
Census 1901 (age 2-3) Wolverton, nr Kingsclere, Hampshire
Living with parents
Census 1911 (age 12-13) Wolverton, nr Kingsclere, Hampshire
Ewhurst Park Farm
Living with parents
Enlistment 1915 (age 16-17)
Royal Garrison Artillery
Census 1939 (age 40-41) Basingstoke Hampshire
School Cottages
Living with wife Winifred, Daughters Florence Winifred and Rosina Emily. Also shown are 2 redacted entries (? Dorothy G & Michael J R) and Ernest James b. 11 Sep 1925 and Robert George b. 2 Dec 1925 both of whom are shown as having a Mother - surname NASH!!!
Occupation Farm Worker - Tractors
Death Oct 1959 (age 61) Winchester, Hampshire

Child 3: Ernest Victor BRIDGEMAN

Name: Ernest Victor BRIDGEMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Kathleen Alice BARRETT (1899-1984)
Birth 28 Dec 1902 Ewhurst, Hampshire
Census 1911 (age 8-9) Ewhurst, Nr Basingstoke, Hampshire
Ewhurst Park Farm Cottages
Living with parents
Census 1939 (age 36-37) Basford, Notts
Stanford Hall
Butler in the home of Sir Julian CAHN
Occupation Butler
Death Feb 1995 (age 92) Basford, Notts