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Family of Stephen BRIDGEMAN and Kezia FOSTER

Husband: Stephen BRIDGEMAN (1815-1862)
Wife: Kezia FOSTER (1821-1902)
Children: George BRIDGEMAN (1843-1899)
Ellen BRIDGEMAN (1848-1924)
Eliza BRIDGEMAN (1851-1918)
Mary BRIDGEMAN (1854-1933)
Marriage Oct 1842 Kingsclere, Hampshire

Husband: Stephen BRIDGEMAN

Name: Stephen BRIDGEMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Richard BRIDGEMAN (1789-1860)
Mother: Mary SIMPSON (1793-1839)
Birth 11 Jun 1815 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Occupation Farmworker - Carter on Farm
Census 1851 (age 35-36) Kingsclere, Hampshire
1 Colridges Farm, Newbury Marshes
Living with Kezia and children, George, Ellen and Eliza
Census 1861 (age 45-46) Kingsclere, Hampshire
1 Colridges Farm, Newbury Marshes
Living with wife Kezia and children, George, Ellen, Eliza and Mary
Death Jul 1862 (age 47) Kingsclere, Hampshire

Wife: Kezia FOSTER

Name: Kezia FOSTER
Sex: Female
Father: John FOSTER (1786-1851)
Mother: Sarah COCK ( - )
Birth 12 Aug 1821 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Census 1871 (age 49-50) Kingsclere, Hampshire
Newbury Marsh
Living with husband James MILES and daughter Eliza BRIDGMAN
Census 1881 (age 59-60) Kingsclere, Hampshire
Newbury Road
Living with Husband James and son Richard MILES (9)
Census 1891 (age 69-70) Kingsclere, Hampshire
The Marshes
Living with husband Richard SIMPSON
Census 1901 (age 79-80) Kingsclere, Hampshire
The Marshes
with husband RICHARD
Death Jul 1902 (age 80) Kingsclere, Hampshire

Child 1: George BRIDGEMAN

Name: George BRIDGEMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary RICHINGS (1842-1911)
Birth Jul 1843 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Census 1851 (age 7-8) Kingsclere, Hampshire
Living with parents Stephen and Eliza and sisters Ellen and Eliza
Census 1861 (age 17-18) Kingsclere, Hampshire
1 Coldridge Farm, Newbury Marsh
Living with parents and sisters Ellen, Eliza and Mary
Census 1871 (age 27-28) Tadley, Hampshire
Comb House, Browning Hill
Living with wife Mary and children, Stephen and Fanny
Occupation Farmworker - Ag Lab - Carter
Census 1881 (age 37-38) Dummer, Hampshire
Lands Down House
Living with wife Mary and children - Fanny, James, Mary E, Alice and Esther
Census 1891 (age 47-48) Dummer, Hampshire
Lands Down Cottages
Living with family - Mary and children, Fanny, James, Mary E and Alice and Ester
Death Jan 1899 (age 55) Basingstoke Hampshire

Child 2: Ellen BRIDGEMAN

Sex: Female
Spouse: William ROLFE (1844-1923)
Birth Sep 1848 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Census 1911 (age 62-63) Brimpton, Berkshire
Primrose Cottage
Living with husband William and grandaughter Alice ALDER
Death Oct 1924 (age 76) Newbury, Berkshire

Child 3: Eliza BRIDGEMAN

Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard WICKENS (1851-1926)
Birth Mar 1851 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Death Jan 1918 (age 66) Newbury, Berkshire

Child 4: Mary BRIDGEMAN

Sex: Female
Spouse: George CHAMP (1851-1921)
Birth Apr 1854 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Census 1861 (age 6-7) Kingsclere, Hampshire
Coldridges Farm, 1 Newbury Marsh
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 26-27) Reading, Berkshire
39 William Street
Living with husband George and children Arthur G and Alice L
Census 1891 (age 36-37) Reading, Berkshire
365 Oxford Road
Living with husband George and children Arthur G, Alice L and Ernest W
Census 1901 (age 46-47) Reading, Berkshire
377 Oxford Road
Living with george and children Alice L and Ernest W
Census 1911 (age 56-57) Reading, Berkshire
19 Tilehurst Road
Living with George and Ernest W
Death Apr 1933 (age 78-79) Reading, Berkshire