Family of Lewis HEPWORTH and Ellen Tealoe WADE

Husband: Lewis HEPWORTH (1852-1907)
Wife: Ellen Tealoe WADE (1856-1924)
Children: Mary T HEPWORTH (1881- )
Nellie F HEPWORTH (1883- )
Muriel L HEPWORTH (1886- )
Lewis D HEPWORTH (1887- )
Ralph M HEPWORTH (1889- )
Dorothy G E HEPWORTH (1892- )
Joseph A L HEPWORTH (1894- )
Joyce Doreen HEPWORTH (1900-1994)
Marriage Oct 1879 Stroud, Gloucestershire

Husband: Lewis HEPWORTH

Name: Lewis HEPWORTH
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1852 Saddleworth, Yorkshire
Census 1881 (age 28-29) Tunbridge Wells, Kent
14 Nevill Street
Occupation Printer, Stationer & Bookbinder
Census 1891 (age 38-39) Tunbridge Wells, Kent
14 Nevill Street
Census 1901 (age 48-49) Tunbridge Wells, Kent
16 Beltring Road
Death Oct 1907 (age 54-55) Hendon, Middlesex

Wife: Ellen Tealoe WADE

Name: Ellen Tealoe WADE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1856 Truro, Cornwall
Census 1911 (age 54-55) Lambeth, London
10 Brief Street
Sister Alice Erith WADE (51) living with her and her three youngest daughters. Widow
Death Oct 1924 (age 67-68) Croydon, Surrey

Child 1: Mary T HEPWORTH

Sex: Female
Birth 1881 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Child 2: Nellie F HEPWORTH

Name: Nellie F HEPWORTH
Sex: Female
Birth 1883 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Child 3: Muriel L HEPWORTH

Name: Muriel L HEPWORTH
Sex: Female
Birth 1886 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Child 4: Lewis D HEPWORTH

Name: Lewis D HEPWORTH
Sex: Male
Birth 1887 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Child 5: Ralph M HEPWORTH

Name: Ralph M HEPWORTH
Sex: Male
Birth 1889 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Child 6: Dorothy G E HEPWORTH

Name: Dorothy G E HEPWORTH
Sex: Female
Birth 1892 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Child 7: Joseph A L HEPWORTH

Name: Joseph A L HEPWORTH
Sex: Male
Birth 1894 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Child 8: Joyce Doreen HEPWORTH

Name: Joyce Doreen HEPWORTH
Sex: Female
Spouse 2: Donald Parker MARCUS (1900-1964)
Birth 16 Apr 1900 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Death Jan 1994 (age 93) Bromsgrove, Worcestershire