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Family of Edward Morris MULLIKEN and Ruby Gladys FITZGERALD

Husband: Edward Morris MULLIKEN (1885-1959)
Wife: Ruby Gladys FITZGERALD (1880-1958)
Children: Anthony Morris MULLIKEN (1915-1942)
John William Fitzgerald MULLIKEN (1913-1913)
Robert Edward MULLIKEN (1916-2000)
Marriage 28 Nov 1908 St Johns Wood, Middlesex

Husband: Edward Morris MULLIKEN

Name: Edward Morris MULLIKEN
Sex: Male
Father: John Larkin MULLIKEN ( - )
Mother: Emily Georgiana (MULLIKEN) ( - )
Birth 14 Jan 1885
Occupation Bengal Army - Major; Clergyman
Death 5 Jan 1959 (age 73) Torquay, Devon
96 Shiphay Lane
Died at South Eden Nursing Home

Wife: Ruby Gladys FITZGERALD

Name: Ruby Gladys FITZGERALD
Sex: Female
Father: Robert FITZGERALD (1847-1923)
Mother: Rosa Eva HAWLEY (1863-1915)
Birth 26 Oct 1880 Mary le Bone, Middlessex
1939 census has a birth date of 26 Oct1887
Census 1939 (age 58-59) East Retford, Nottinghamshire
The Rectory
Death 26 Nov 1958 (age 78) Torquay, Devon
96 Shiphay Lane
Died at Newton Abbott Hospital

Child 1: Anthony Morris MULLIKEN

Name: Anthony Morris MULLIKEN
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1915 Battle Sussex
Occupation Royal Air Force - Wing Ciommander
Death 13 Feb 1942 (age 27) Libya

Child 2: John William Fitzgerald MULLIKEN

Name: John William Fitzgerald MULLIKEN
Sex: Male
Birth 12 Feb 1913 Gangtok, Bengal, India
Death 1913 (age 0)

Child 3: Robert Edward MULLIKEN

Name: Robert Edward MULLIKEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Joan Kathleen LALEY (1924-2005)
Birth 3 Oct 1916 Ghanse, Bengal, India
Census 1939 (age 22-23) Richmond Surrey
Police Barracks, Red Lion Street
Occupation Police Constable, Metropoluran Police
Death Apr 2000 (age 83) Egham, Surrey