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Family of Gabriel VRIGNON and Elizabeth (VRIGNON)

Husband: Gabriel VRIGNON ( - )
Wife: Elizabeth (VRIGNON) (1800-1888)
Children: Gabriel VRIGNON (1819-1883)
John VRIGNON (1822-1892)
Lewis George VRIGNON (1826-1890)
Henry VRIGNON (c. 1826- )

Husband: Gabriel VRIGNON

Name: Gabriel VRIGNON
Sex: Male
Father: Gabriel VRIGNON (1737-1815)
Mother: Joanna DA-COSTA (1753-1794)

Wife: Elizabeth (VRIGNON)

Name: Elizabeth (VRIGNON)
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1800 India
Census 1841 (age 40-41) St Marylebone, London
37 Baker Street
Living with sons Gabriel, John, Lewis and Henry
Census 1871 (age 70-71) St Marylebone, London
119 Harley Street
Widow. Living with sons Gabriel John and Lewis
Census 1881 (age 80-81) Mortlake, Surrey
Panisford House, Upper Richmond Road
Widow. Living with sone, Gabriel, John a,d Lewis
Death 26 Jul 1888 (age 87-88) Kensington, Middlesex
2 Warwick Gardens
Proved by sons John and Lewis George

Child 1: Gabriel VRIGNON

Name: Gabriel VRIGNON
Sex: Male
Birth 1819 East Indies
2 Warwick Gardens
Occupation Attorney at Law
Death 19 Feb 1883 (age 63-64) Kensington, London
2 Warwick Gardens
Proved by his Elizabeth, Mother of one of the executors.

Child 2: John VRIGNON

Name: John VRIGNON
Sex: Male
Birth 1822 East Indies
Census 1891 (age 68-69) Brompton, Middlesex
20 Fopstone Road
Death 7 Sep 1892 (age 69-70) Kensington, London
117 Edith Road

Child 3: Lewis George VRIGNON

Name: Lewis George VRIGNON
Sex: Male
Birth 1826 Exeter, Devon
Death 16 Jul 1890 (age 63-64) Kensington, London
20 Fopstone Road
Proved by brother John

Child 4: Henry VRIGNON

Name: Henry VRIGNON
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1826 East Indies