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Family of Herbet Cunningham CLOGSTOUN and Emily Ursula Anne HOSEASON

Husband: Herbet Cunningham CLOGSTOUN (1857-1936)
Wife: Emily Ursula Anne HOSEASON (1863-1907)
Children: Herbert Prinsep Somers CLOGSTOUN (1886- )
Marriage 16 Dec 1885 Paddington, Middlessex

Husband: Herbet Cunningham CLOGSTOUN

Name: Herbet Cunningham CLOGSTOUN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 24 Jan 1857 Bolarum, Madras, India
Death 15 Apr 1936 (age 79) Thorpe Lea, Surrey
Thorpe Lea Hotel
Residence Pensions Marris, Alassio, Italy

Wife: Emily Ursula Anne HOSEASON

Name: Emily Ursula Anne HOSEASON
Sex: Female
Father: Henry HOSEASON (1818-1895)
Mother: Adeline Anne MACKENZIE (1833-1902)
Birth 1863 East Indies
Death 24 Apr 1907 (age 43-44) India

Child 1: Herbert Prinsep Somers CLOGSTOUN

Name: Herbert Prinsep Somers CLOGSTOUN
Sex: Male
Birth 19 Sep 1886 Purneah, Bengal, India