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Family of Charles Walter WARR and Patricia GRAHAM

Husband: Charles Walter WARR (1913-2003)
Wife: Patricia GRAHAM (1914-2004)
Children: Michael J WARR (1946- )
Graham A WARR (1947- )
Paul S WARR (1948- )
Susan R WARR (1952- )
Marriage Jul 1945 Bromley, Kent

Husband: Charles Walter WARR

Name: Charles Walter WARR
Sex: Male
Father: George Walter WARR (1880-1955)
Mother: Emily Eliza RICHARDSON (1880-1955)
Birth 21 Sep 1913 Greenwich, Kent
Residence 1937 (age 23-24) Lewisham, Kent
220 Brownhill Road, Hither Green
Living with wife Winifred together with Lilian and William WATT.
Census 1939 (age 25-26) Beckenham, Kent
414 Blandford Road
Living with wife Winifred. 1 redacted record which would be their son Kenneth.
Death Aug 2003 (age 89) Surrey Northern

Wife: Patricia GRAHAM

Name: Patricia GRAHAM
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 30 Jan 1914
Death Sep 2004 (age 90) Woking, Surrey

Child 1: Michael J WARR

Name: Michael J WARR
Sex: Male
Birth Apr 1946 Bromley, Kent

Child 2: Graham A WARR

Name: Graham A WARR
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1947 Bromley, Kent

Child 3: Paul S WARR

Name: Paul S WARR
Sex: Male
Birth Oct 1948 Bromley, Kent

Child 4: Susan R WARR

Name: Susan R WARR
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 1952 Bromley, Kent