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Family of William Philip WARR and Mary Jane BOWDEN

Husband: William Philip WARR (1841-1914)
Wife: Mary Jane BOWDEN (1848-1894)
Children: Sarah A WARR (1864-1939)
Richard Jeremiah WARR (1866-1885)
Clara WARR (1873- )
William Charles WARR (1875-1954)
Mabel WARR (1877- )
Ida WARR (1880-1883)
Marriage 28 Oct 1862 Bangalore, Madras, India

Husband: William Philip WARR

Name: William Philip WARR
Sex: Male
Father: Richard WARR (1815-1850)
Mother: Sarah SAUNDERS (1806-1863)
Birth Oct 1841 Brightelmstonen, Sussex
Occupation Army - Sgt Major - 16th Queens Lancers
Service Record btw 1856 and 1897 (age 14-56)
Service in India and China
Census 1881 (age 39-40) Newark, Nottinghamshire
3 Newnham Road
Living with wife Mary (Bedford) and 6 children
Census 1891 (age 49-50) Newark, Nottinghamshire
New Buildings, Lovers Lane
Living with wife Mary J and 3 children
Census 1901 (age 59-60) Southwell, Nottinghamshire
Midland Terrace, Kelham
Living with wife Mary Ann
Census 1911 (age 69-70) Newark, Nottinghamshire
110 North Gate
Living with wife Mary Ann
Death 10 Jun 1914 (age 72) Newark, Nottinghamshire
110 Northgate
Probate to wife Mary Ann

Wife: Mary Jane BOWDEN

Name: Mary Jane BOWDEN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1848 India
Death Jan 1894 (age 45-46) Newark, Nottinghamshire

Child 1: Sarah A WARR

Name: Sarah A WARR
Sex: Female
Spouse: James Lee WILLIAMS (1856-1932)
Birth 26 Apr 1864 Bangalore, Madras, India
Census 1891 (age 26-27) Heston, Middlesex
The Barracks
Census 1901 (age 36-37) Cheriton, Kent
8 Melbourne Terrace
Living with husband James and children James and Philip
Census 1911 (age 46-47) Hitchen, Hertfordshire
13 Fishpond Road
Living with husband and son James
Death Jul 1939 (age 75) Hitchen, Hertfordshire

Child 2: Richard Jeremiah WARR

Name: Richard Jeremiah WARR
Sex: Male
Birth 3 Oct 1866 Bangalore, Madras, India
Death Apr 1885 (age 18) Newark, Nottinghamshire

Child 3: Clara WARR

Name: Clara WARR
Sex: Female
Birth 28 Mar 1873 Secunderabad, Madras, India

Child 4: William Charles WARR

Name: William Charles WARR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eliza BROWN (1877-1946)
Birth 23 Jan 1875 Black Town, Madras, India
Census 1911 (age 35-36) Newark, Nottinghamshire
39 Parliament Square
Living with wife and daughters
Occupation Railway Horse Shunter
Census 1939 (age 63-64) Newark, Nottinghamshire
39 Parliament Square
Living with wife Eliza and Charles Henry WARR b. 26.4.1920
Death Oct 1954 (age 79) Newark, Nottinghamshire

Child 5: Mabel WARR

Name: Mabel WARR
Sex: Female
Birth 29 Apr 1877 Shorncliffe, Kent
Census 1891 (age 13-14) Newark, Nottinghamshire
3 New Buildings, Lovers Lane
Living with parents and siblings

Child 6: Ida WARR

Name: Ida WARR
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1880 Newark, Nottinghamshire
Death Jul 1883 (age 2) Newark, Nottinghamshire