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Family of Richard WARR and Sarah SAUNDERS

Husband: Richard WARR (1815-1850)
Wife: Sarah SAUNDERS (1806-1863)
Children: George Walter WARR (1837-1874)
Thomas WARR (1839-1900)
William Philip WARR (1841-1914)
Charles Henry WARR (1844-1923)
Richard Jeremiah WARR (1846-1919)
John Gustavus WARR (1849-1943)
Marriage 1 May 1837 St Mary le Bone, Middlesex

Husband: Richard WARR

Name: Richard WARR
Sex: Male
Father: Jeremiah WARR (1741-1816)
Mother: Jane DURHAM ( -1825)
Birth Aug 1815 Turweston, Buckinghamshire
Baptism 12 Aug 1815 (age 0) Turweston, Buckinghamshire
Census 1841 (age 25-26) Brighthelmston, Sussex
Cavendish Street
Living with wife Sarah and sons George (5) and Thomas (2)
Death 10 Sep 1850 (age 35) Brighthelmstone, Sussex
Age at death on certificate is 35.

Wife: Sarah SAUNDERS

Name: Sarah SAUNDERS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1806 Ashwell, Hertfordshire
Census 1851 (age 44-45) Brighton, Sussex
2 Gloucester Street
Widow. Living with children. George W, Thomas, William P, Charles H, Richard J and John
Census 1861 (age 54-55) Brighton, Sussex
120 North Lane
Living with children Charles and John
Death Apr 1863 (age 56-57) Brighton, Sussex

Child 1: George Walter WARR

Name: George Walter WARR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah Ann HALLS (1841-1897)
Birth 14 Jul 1837 St Mary le Bone, Middlesex
Census 1851 (age 13-14) Brighton, Sussex
2 Gloucester Street
Living with widowed Mother and siblings
Census 1861 (age 23-24) Brighton, Sussex
90 North Lane
Living with wife Sarah Ann
Census 1871 (age 33-34) Brighton, Sussex
82 North Road
Living with wife Sarah Ann
Occupation Hairdresser
Death 30 Jan 1874 (age 36) Brighton, Sussex
82 North Road
Proved by wife Sarah Ann

Child 2: Thomas WARR

Name: Thomas WARR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Jane CHATFIELD (1838-1925)
Birth Dec 1839 Mary le Bone, Middlessex
Baptism 4 Dec 1842 (age 2-3) Brighton, Sussex
Census 1851 (age 11-12) Brighton, Sussex
2 Gloucester Street
Living with parents and siblings
Census 1871 (age 31-32) Canterbury Kent
Mercery Lane, St Andrews
Living with wide Mary Jane and children
Occupation Sewing Machine Agent; Commercial Traveller
Census 1891 (age 51-52) Lewisham, Kent
40 Wisteria Road
Living with wife and children
Death Apr 1900 (age 60) Milton, Kent

Child 3: William Philip WARR

Name: William Philip WARR
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Mary Jane BOWDEN (1848-1894)
Spouse 2: Mary Ann BEDFORD (1855-1918)
Birth Oct 1841 Brightelmstonen, Sussex
Occupation Army - Sgt Major - 16th Queens Lancers
Service Record btw 1856 and 1897 (age 14-56)
Service in India and China
Census 1881 (age 39-40) Newark, Nottinghamshire
3 Newnham Road
Living with wife Mary (Bedford) and 6 children
Census 1891 (age 49-50) Newark, Nottinghamshire
New Buildings, Lovers Lane
Living with wife Mary J and 3 children
Census 1901 (age 59-60) Southwell, Nottinghamshire
Midland Terrace, Kelham
Living with wife Mary Ann
Census 1911 (age 69-70) Newark, Nottinghamshire
110 North Gate
Living with wife Mary Ann
Death 10 Jun 1914 (age 72) Newark, Nottinghamshire
110 Northgate
Probate to wife Mary Ann

Child 4: Charles Henry WARR

Name: Charles Henry WARR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann EGG (1845-1932)
Birth May 1844 Brighton, Sussex
Occupation Coachman; Police Sergeant; County Court Bailiff
Census 1901 (age 56-57) Brighton, Sussex
31 Wichelo Place
Living with wife Ann and son George
Death Oct 1923 (age 79) Brighton, Sussex

Child 5: Richard Jeremiah WARR

Name: Richard Jeremiah WARR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Ann CHENNING (1838-1932)
Birth Jul 1846 Brighton, Sussex
Census 1861 (age 14-15) Hove, Sussex
59 York Road
Page, Servant in home and school of Henry and Mary Johnston. Clergyman without Cure.
Census 1881 (age 34-35) Normanton, Derbyshire
16 Northumberland Street
Livig with wife Mary Ann and children
Census 1911 (age 64-65) Acomb, Yorkshire
The White Cottage.
Living alone. Married had 12 children - 2 living and 10 died at census fate
Occupation Inspector RSPCA
Death 13 Jan 1919 (age 72) Acomb, Yorkshire
Probate to Violet Eleanor GREEN wife f Thomas GREEN

Child 6: John Gustavus WARR

Name: John Gustavus WARR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Julia Ann BURRIDGE (1844-1921)
Birth Nov 1849 Brighton, Sussex
Occupation Hosier
Census 1871 (age 21-22) Lambeth, Surrey
50 Foreign Street
Living with wife Julia and son. Elizabeth Burridge sister in law also in residence
Death 9 Jun 1943 (age 93) Waitara, New South Wales, Australia