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Family of John WHALLEY and Charlotte Catherine Ann GOODHART

Husband: John WHALLEY (1790- )
Wife: Charlotte Catherine Ann GOODHART (1796-1841)
Children: John Goodhart WHALLEY (1823- )
Frederick Robert WHALLEY (1824- )
Charlotte Elizabeth WHALLEY (1827- )
Georgiana Alice WHALLEY (1829- )
Emily Maria WHALLEY (1831- )
Henry George WHALLEY (1833- )
Arthur WHALLEY (1835- )
Adolphus Jacob WHALLEY (1838- )
Marriage 28 Feb 1822 Streatham, Surrey

Husband: John WHALLEY

Name: John WHALLEY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Oct 1790 Leyton, Essex
Occupation Clothmaker

Wife: Charlotte Catherine Ann GOODHART

Name: Charlotte Catherine Ann GOODHART
Sex: Female
Father: Jacob GOODHART (1773-1855)
Mother: Alice BINDERAGLE (1775- )
Birth 28 Sep 1796 St George in the East, Stepney
Death Jul 1841 (age 44) Addlestone, Surrey

Child 1: John Goodhart WHALLEY

Name: John Goodhart WHALLEY
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Feb 1823 St Pancras, Middlesex

Child 2: Frederick Robert WHALLEY

Name: Frederick Robert WHALLEY
Sex: Male
Birth Dec 1824 Tooting, Surrey

Child 3: Charlotte Elizabeth WHALLEY

Name: Charlotte Elizabeth WHALLEY
Sex: Female
Birth Aug 1827 Exeter, Devon

Child 4: Georgiana Alice WHALLEY

Name: Georgiana Alice WHALLEY
Sex: Female
Birth 15 Jul 1829 Exeter, Devon

Child 5: Emily Maria WHALLEY

Name: Emily Maria WHALLEY
Sex: Female
Birth Aug 1831 Exeter, Devon

Child 6: Henry George WHALLEY

Name: Henry George WHALLEY
Sex: Male
Birth 5 Jun 1833 Exeter, Devon

Child 7: Arthur WHALLEY

Name: Arthur WHALLEY
Sex: Male
Birth Aug 1835 Exeter, Devon

Child 8: Adolphus Jacob WHALLEY

Name: Adolphus Jacob WHALLEY
Sex: Male
Birth 6 Apr 1838 Exeter, Devon