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Family of Thomas Isaac BIGGS and Alice PINGO

Husband: Thomas Isaac BIGGS ( - )
Wife: Alice PINGO (1750-1844)
Children: Mary Ann BIGGS (1786- )
George Isaac BIGGS ( - )
Hebe BIGGS (1788- )

Husband: Thomas Isaac BIGGS

Name: Thomas Isaac BIGGS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Alice PINGO

Name: Alice PINGO
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas PINGO (1714-1776)
Mother: Mary GOLDWIRE (1715-1790)
Birth Dec 1750 Holborn London
Great Kirby Street
Death Feb 1844 (age 93) Greenwich London

Child 1: Mary Ann BIGGS

Name: Mary Ann BIGGS
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1786 Holborn London
Little James Street

Child 2: George Isaac BIGGS

Name: George Isaac BIGGS
Sex: Male

Child 3: Hebe BIGGS

Name: Hebe BIGGS
Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1788 Holborn London
Little James Street