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Family of Henry Lawrence OLIPHANT and Elizabeth Rachel HARE

Husband: Henry Lawrence OLIPHANT (1839-1902)
Wife: Elizabeth Rachel HARE (1852-1905)
Marriage 20 Nov 1873 Ranchi, Bengal, India

Husband: Henry Lawrence OLIPHANT

Name: Henry Lawrence OLIPHANT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1839
Death 27 May 1902 (age 62-63) Ealing, Middlesex
Probate to the Reverends Frederick James and Francis George OLIPHANT

Wife: Elizabeth Rachel HARE

Name: Elizabeth Rachel HARE
Sex: Female
Father: Robert Henry Melville HARE (1824-1887)
Mother: Louisa Dickenson PROCTOR (1827-1892)
Birth 10 Oct 1852 Cape Town, South Africa
Death 29 Oct 1905 (age 53) Ealing, Middlesex
4 Blaskesley Avenue