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Family of Henry Wilberforce BIRD and Mary Lorraine HAY

Husband: Henry Wilberforce BIRD (1840-1911)
Wife: Mary Lorraine HAY (1840-1929)
Children: Jessie Helen Wilberforce BIRD (1868-1899)
Walter Loraine Wilberforce BIRD (1871-1962)
Henry Wheeler Wilberforce BIRD (1873-1949)
William Norvell Wilberforce BIRD (1875-1967)
Gerald George Wilberforce BIRD (1878-c. 1939)
Marriage 27 Apr 1865 Gloucester, Gloucestershire
St Lukes

Husband: Henry Wilberforce BIRD

Name: Henry Wilberforce BIRD
Sex: Male
Father: George BIRD (1802-1880)
Mother: Laura Elizabeth CORRIE (1818-1908)
Birth 27 Jul 1840 Ootacamund, Madras, India
Baptism 19 Sep 1840 (age 0) Ootacamund, Madras, India
Census 1851 (age 10-11) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Berkeley Villa
Pupil in Boarding School
Occupation Army - Madras Cavalry
Service Record 20 Feb 1870 (age 29)
Promoted to Captain. Notice in Scotland Gazette.
Court martialled in Madras on 9 Nov 1878 for "misuse of funds when Secretary Trichinolopy Club", found guilty and cashiered for "scandalous behaviour unbecoming of an Officer and Gentleman.
Emigration 1895 (age 54-55) from England to New York, USA
Census 1900 (age 59-60) Manhatton, New York, USA
District 0900
Living with Annie and daughter Edna.
Census 1905 (age 64-65) Manhatton, New York, USA
A.D. 32 E. D. 08; Park Avenue
Living with Annie and daughter Edna.
Census 1910 (age 69-70) Manhatton, New York, USA
Ward 12
Living with wife Anne and daughter Edna
Death 12 Mar 1911 (age 70) Manhatton, New York, USA

Wife: Mary Lorraine HAY

Name: Mary Lorraine HAY
Sex: Female
Father: William Ker HAY (1801-1893)
Mother: Catherine NORVELL (1802-1883)
Birth 4 May 1840 Bangalore, Madras, India
Census 1881 (age 40-41) St Helier, Jersey
No 2, Highbury
Married. Living with children
Census 1891 (age 50-51) St Helier, Jersey
HIghbury St Marks Street
Living with sons William and Gerald
Census 1901 (age 60-61) Ealing, Middlesex
57 Windsor Road
Widow. Living with son Walter
Census 1911 (age 70-71) Kensington, Middlesex
14 Moscow Mansions, 224 Cromwell Road
Widow. Living with son Walter
Death 5 Feb 1929 (age 88) Kensington, Middlesex
9 Moscow Mansions, 224 Cromwell Road
Widow. Probate to son Walter.

Child 1: Jessie Helen Wilberforce BIRD

Name: Jessie Helen Wilberforce BIRD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Herbert William MORRISON (1863-1936)
Birth 31 Jan 1868 Vepery, Madras, India
Death 7 Dec 1899 (age 31) East Sheen, Surrey
Park Cottage
Died at Ramleh, West Cliff Gardens, Bournemouth, Hampshire. Probate to Walter Loraine W BIRD

Child 2: Walter Loraine Wilberforce BIRD

Name: Walter Loraine Wilberforce BIRD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellena Ida GARDNER (1881-1961)
Birth 9 Nov 1871 Trichinopoly, Madras, India
Census 1901 (age 29-30) Ealing, Middlesex
57 Windsor Road
Living with his widowed :other
Census 1911 (age 39-40) Kensington, Middlesex
14 Moscow Mansions, 224 Cromwell Road
Living with Mother
Residence 1931 (age 59-60) Victoria, Australia
Kirmotha, Landale Road, Toorak, Fawkner
William Gerald W and Ellena Ida BIRD also in residence.
Census 1939 (age 67-68) Eastbourne, Sussex
46 Summerdown Road
Living with wife Ellena and nieces Nellie, Bianca and Jessie.
Occupation Managing Director - Anglo Iranian Oil Co
Death 18 Jun 1962 (age 90) Eastbourne, Sussex
Witham Lodge, 46 Summerdown Road

Child 3: Henry Wheeler Wilberforce BIRD

Name: Henry Wheeler Wilberforce BIRD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alesa (BIRD) (1885- )
Birth 26 Sep 1873 Trichinopoly, Madras, India
Occupation 1 Apr 1913 (age 39) Consul for Provinces of Antofagasta and Atacama
Occupation btw 1913 and 1931 (age 39-58) H.M. Consular Services
Census 1939 (age 65-66) Kensington, Middlesex
45 Vicarage Court
Living with his wife Alesa
Death 6 Mar 1949 (age 75) Kensington, Middlesex
61 Vicarage Court

Child 4: William Norvell Wilberforce BIRD

Name: William Norvell Wilberforce BIRD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ruth BLAKE (c. 1889-1963)
Birth Nov 1875 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
12 Royal Parade
Father Captain Late 6th Madras Cavalry
Baptism 3 Nov 1875 (age 0) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Christ Church
Census 1881 (age 5-6) St Helier, Jersey
No 2, Highbury
Living with parents
Travel 30 Mar 1919 (age 43) London
Travelled on SS Turrialba from Cristobal Canal Zone, Panama to New York and on to London with wife Ruth and children Walter, Mary and William. Last permament residence was Iquique, Chile and nearest relative there was H W BIRD at Antofagustar. Arrived in Liverpool on 26 June 1919 and on t 5 Moscow Mansions, Cromwell Road London.
Occupation Manager - Nitrate Industry
Travel 25 Oct 1923 (age 47) Iquique, Chile
Travelled on SS OROYA with his wife Ruth and son Walter from Liverpool. Last UK address was White House Hotel, Earls Court Square, London
Death 24 Jun 1967 (age 91) Grouville, Jersey, Channel Islands
7 Grouville Park

Child 5: Gerald George Wilberforce BIRD

Name: Gerald George Wilberforce BIRD
Sex: Male
Spouse: UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 28 Mar 1878 St Helier, Jersey, CI
Census 1881 (age 2-3) Jersey, Channel Islands
2 Highbury, St Helier
Living with his Mother
Census 1891 (age 12-13) Jersey, Channel Islands
High Cottage, St Marks Road, St Helier
Living with his Mother and brother William
Death c. 1939 (age 60-61) Chile
Marriage and Deathy dates are assumptions based on the ages of his children and their departure to their Uncles .