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Family of Darrell Gilmore BURT and Betty Marie GEORGE

Husband: Darrell Gilmore BURT (1931- )
Wife: Betty Marie GEORGE (1932-2009)
Marriage 29 Apr 1950 Salem, Oregon, USA

Husband: Darrell Gilmore BURT

Name: Darrell Gilmore BURT
Sex: Male
Father: McKeith Gilmour BURT (1897-1981)
Mother: Bethene Elma LANG (1896-1981)
Birth 17 May 1931 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Occupation Bank Examiner

Wife: Betty Marie GEORGE

Name: Betty Marie GEORGE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 15 Nov 1932 Salem, Oregon, USA
Death 2 Apr 2009 (age 76) Albany, Oregon, USA