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Family of Richard Thomas BEACHCROFT and Henrietta MELVILLE

Husband: Richard Thomas BEACHCROFT (1805-1872)
Wife: Henrietta MELVILLE (1816-1900)
Children: Florence Henrietta BEACHCROFT (1844-1917)
Richard Melville BEACHCROFT (1846-1926)
Katherine Hester BEACHCROFT (1847-1876)
Henry Awdry BEACHCROFT (1847-1920)
Emily Charlotte BEACHCROFT (1849-1937)
Charles Seward BEACHCROFT (1850-1922)
Philip Edward BEACHCROFT (1852-1935)
Marriage 1 Feb 1844 Hampstead Middlesex

Husband: Richard Thomas BEACHCROFT

Name: Richard Thomas BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Seward BEACHCROFT (1770-1819)
Mother: Charlotta LEWIS (1779-1857)
Birth 17 May 1805 Queenhithe, London
Census 1851 (age 45-46) Hampstead Middlesex
Hampstead Square
Living with wife Henrietta and children
Occupation Solicitor
Census 1861 (age 55-56) Harrow, Middlesex
Greenhill Road
Married. Living with daughter Katherine and son Philip
Death 1 May 1872 (age 66) Hyde Park, London
50 Queensborough Terrace
Probate to Richard Melviille BEACHCROFT and Henry Awdry BEACHCROFT his sons

Wife: Henrietta MELVILLE

Name: Henrietta MELVILLE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth May 1816 Holborn London
Death 30 Mar 1900 (age 83) East Sheen, Surrey
Probate to Richard Melville and Henry Audry BEACHCROFT

Child 1: Florence Henrietta BEACHCROFT

Name: Florence Henrietta BEACHCROFT
Sex: Female
Birth 4 Dec 1844 Hampstead Middlesex
Death 20 Jul 1917 (age 72) St Leonards on Sea, Sussex
40 Eversfield Place
Proabte to the Philip Edward & Richard Melville BEACHCROFT

Child 2: Richard Melville BEACHCROFT

Name: Richard Melville BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Charlotte Emily Bonner MAURICE (1851-1936)
Birth Jan 1846 Hampstead Middlesex
Death 11 Jan 1926 (age 79-80) Cookham Dene, Berkshire

Child 3: Katherine Hester BEACHCROFT

Name: Katherine Hester BEACHCROFT
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 1847 Hampstead Middlesex
Death 1876 (age 28-29) Kensington, Middlesex

Child 4: Henry Awdry BEACHCROFT

Name: Henry Awdry BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Apr 1847 Hampstead Middlesex
Death 2 Oct 1920 (age 73) East Sheen, Surrey
Sheen Wood East
of Kandy, Ceylon. Probate to Richard Melville and Philip Mautice BEACHCROFT

Child 5: Emily Charlotte BEACHCROFT

Name: Emily Charlotte BEACHCROFT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward Vaughan THOMPSON (1840-1908)
Birth Jan 1849 Hampstead Middlesex
Death 10 Jan 1937 (age 87-88) East Sheen, Surrey
Sheen Wood East

Child 6: Charles Seward BEACHCROFT

Name: Charles Seward BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emily Caroline Frances SHAKESPEAR (1857-1921)
Birth Mar 1850 Hampstead Middlesex
Occupation Clergyman
Death 19 Jul 1922 (age 72) East Sheen, Surrey
Sheen Wood East
Probate to Eric Alexander BEACHCROFT

Child 7: Philip Edward BEACHCROFT

Name: Philip Edward BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Birth Apr 1852 Hampstead Middlesex
Death 12 Oct 1935 (age 83) Surrey North Eastern