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Family of John CARR and Charlotte Agnes Dixon FAIR

Husband: John CARR (1830-1894)
Wife: Charlotte Agnes Dixon FAIR (1838-1908)
Children: Charlotte Edith CARR (1859- )
Emily Constance CARR (1860-1881)
Katherine Eleanor CARR (1862- )
Lucy Austin CARR (1863- )
John Grey CARR (1864-1866)
James Leonard CARR (1865- )
Roslyn Mary CARR (1867- )
Charles Edward CARR (1869- )
Millicent CARR (1870- )
John Evelyn CARR (1871- )
Henry C CARR (1873- )
Reginald E CARR (1874- )
George D CARR (1876- )
Hubert M CARR (1878- )
Marriage 10 Feb 1858 Lytham, Lancashire

Husband: John CARR

Name: John CARR
Sex: Male
Father: John CARR (1799-1866)
Mother: Jane Susannah BARTON (1806-1869)
Birth Sep 1830 Long Benton, Northumberland
Occupation Timber Merchant
Census 1861 (age 30-31) Coxlodge, Northumberland
Bulmans Villas
Living with wife Charlotte and daughters Charlotte and Emily
Census 1871 (age 40-41) Coxlodge, Northumberland
Living <ith wife Charlotte and daughters
Census 1881 (age 50-51) Coxlodge, Northumberland
Married. Living with children
Census 1891 (age 60-61) Coxlodge, Northumberland
2 Roseworth
Living with children Charlotte, Lucy, Charles, John E
Death 2 Sep 1894 (age 63-64) Gosforth, Northumberland

Wife: Charlotte Agnes Dixon FAIR

Name: Charlotte Agnes Dixon FAIR
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 19 Oct 1838 Lytham, Fylde, Lancashire
Census 1881 (age 42-43) North Middleton in Glendale, Northumberland
Middleton House
Relative staying in the house of George REA and his son.
Death 13 Jan 1908 (age 69) Wirral, Cheshire

Child 1: Charlotte Edith CARR

Name: Charlotte Edith CARR
Sex: Female
Birth 1859 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland

Child 2: Emily Constance CARR

Name: Emily Constance CARR
Sex: Female
Birth 1860 Gosforth, Northumberland
Death 21 Jun 1881 (age 20-21) Greenwich London

Child 3: Katherine Eleanor CARR

Name: Katherine Eleanor CARR
Sex: Female
Birth 1862 Gosforth, Northumberland

Child 4: Lucy Austin CARR

Name: Lucy Austin CARR
Sex: Female
Birth 1863 Gosforth, Northumberland

Child 5: John Grey CARR

Name: John Grey CARR
Sex: Male
Birth Feb 1864 Gosforth, Northumberland
Death 14 Jun 1866 (age 2) Gosforth, Northumberland

Child 6: James Leonard CARR

Name: James Leonard CARR
Sex: Male
Birth 1865 Gosforth, Northumberland

Child 7: Roslyn Mary CARR

Name: Roslyn Mary CARR
Sex: Female
Birth 1867 Gosforth, Northumberland

Child 8: Charles Edward CARR

Name: Charles Edward CARR
Sex: Male
Birth 1869 Gosforth, Northumberland

Child 9: Millicent CARR

Name: Millicent CARR
Sex: Female
Birth 1870 Gosforth, Northumberland

Child 10: John Evelyn CARR

Name: John Evelyn CARR
Sex: Male
Birth 1871 Gosforth, Northumberland

Child 11: Henry C CARR

Name: Henry C CARR
Sex: Male
Birth 1873 Gosforth, Northumberland

Child 12: Reginald E CARR

Name: Reginald E CARR
Sex: Male
Birth 1874 Gosforth, Northumberland

Child 13: George D CARR

Name: George D CARR
Sex: Male
Birth 1876 Gosforth, Northumberland

Child 14: Hubert M CARR

Name: Hubert M CARR
Sex: Male
Birth 1878 Gosforth, Northumberland